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Gifts for the 1st wedding anniversary

If you’re congratulating a young family on their 1st anniversary, you’ll want to take care of this gift and give a special gift on this day! Useful tips to help you choose the right gift for the first wedding year wedding anniversary

In this article we will tell you about gifts for the 1st wedding anniversary, on this day you can give your wife a special 1st anniversary gifts. For a young couple, the calico (first) anniversary of family life is a very touching day. It is customary to give it a gift. It is always difficult for men to find the right gift for their beloved.

What do newlyweds give to each other on their first wedding anniversary?

Traditionally, the wife is supposed to give her husband a shirt and the husband a summer dress to his beloved wife. Nowadays, instead of a dress, you can buy a fashionable T-shirt or a nice robe.

Of course, in addition to textiles, you can choose expensive and memorable gifts. A young wife was happy to receive gold jewelry for the happy couple, which reminded her of the first anniversary of family life for a long time.


Today there are many new and interesting gifts for women, and this woman is less likely to be offended if the anniversary gift for his wife is replaced by beautiful lingerie, fashionable dresses, made of more expensive fabrics. Hint to your spouse that you would like to dress her in a dress before the memorable date arrives. She will likely tell you herself what she would like to receive as a gift.


Since the anniversary is the first 1, you should not match the jewelry with an expensive diamond ring, for example, get more modest jewelry such as a small gold pendant with your spouse’s name or the zodiac, a silver ring, a pair of stylish earrings or expensive jewelry (if your spouse prefers her), or  you can get stylish diamond drop earrings in an online store.

Practical gifts

If you want to give your spouse something practical, give a bathrobe, apron or bath towel as a gift. In some countries/regions, it is customary to give a wedding watch for a wedding anniversary and a fine, stylish watch for your beloved one.

Also, choose from a selection of household appliances for your wedding anniversary. If the whole family still does not have the comfort of a coffee maker, a powerful blender, a kitchen scale, a toaster or a quality iron will do.

On the 1st wedding anniversary, many people provide bed linens. This is also a practical and relevant gift that the lady of the house will surely enjoy. If you are giving your spouse a bedding set, then first figure out what the parameters of the family bed are so you don’t make a mess.

However, if one is preparing for their first child, you can give them something that can come in handy indirectly after supplementing the family. Useful gifts would be clothes dryers, electric heaters, air ionizers and small blankets. Vacuum bags for compactly packed items would be useful and a set of these would be a very useful gift. A universal plastic chest of drawers may be suitable for a young family home in which you can put a lot of children’s things.

Exquisite gifts

If the young family has everything, you can give them tickets to see a theater, a movie theater or a concert. We will gladly accept trips to the spa salon, massage rooms. Parents can go on sea trips or short local excursions with their children. If the young people continue to live with their parents, a day at the hotel, or at least a night away from home for the parents, would be a great gift for them.

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