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What To Expect At an Outdoor Shooting Range

Whether you’re a beginner shooter or an experienced marksman, you might be unfamiliar with an outdoor shooting range. Most shooting ranges in the US follow the indoor shooting range model. However, outdoor facilities are becoming increasingly popular, partly as a result of the pandemic.

If you want to get the very most out of your first outdoor gun shooting range experience, it pays to know exactly what to expect. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out everything you can expect from your first trip to the outdoor shooting range.

1. Outdoor Shooting Range Rules and Preamble

Whether you are new to the shooting range or have been before, you will always start your experience with a detailed run-down of the rules. You will also have to watch a safety video and you will have to sign a waiver and a document confirming that you have been briefed on safety. This is non-negotiable.

Remember, each range has its own rules. One venue might online allow long-range shooting. Another might only allow factory ammunition. Some might ban shotguns outright. Make sure you know the rules.

2. Hot and Cold Ranges

The main difference between an outdoor and an indoor shooting range is the “hot” and “cold” range system. In an outdoor shooting range, it is rare for targets to be automated. Usually, someone (probably you), will need to add and remove targets on the range.

During this period, a staff member will announce that the range is “cold”. This means everyone must put down their weapon and not use it until the range is ready again.

3. Outdoor Shooting Range Protection

Whether you are at a skeet shooting range or any other type of outdoor range, it is essential that you come prepared with the right protection. As this expert guide to the shooting range for beginners explains, wearing the right shoes is crucial. Do not wear sandals just because you are outdoors.

Hot casings can drop on your feet and cause serious burns if you are not wearing proper footwear, such as thick boots. You usually do not have to wear noise-canceling headphones at an outdoor range, but it is recommended.

4. Wear the Right Outfit

When shooting outdoors, you need to pay extra attention to your outfit. This means wrapping up and dressing for the weather as a basic prerequisite. If you are not dressed appropriately, you are much more likely to make dangerous mistakes when handling your weapon. Also, bring whatever is needed to protect your firearm from water damage, should it be raining.

5. You May Have to Clean Up After Yourself

Finally, do not forget to clean up after yourself. At many outdoor ranges, customers are required to take down their own targets and dispose of them properly. You will also have to sweep up your own casings at the end of the session. Show respect and keep your station clean!

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