4 Things To Know About Business Gift Giving Etiquette
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4 Things To Know About Business Gift Giving Etiquette

Australians are not spontaneous gift-givers. Although they give gifts whenever the occasion warrants, it is not just something they do on a whim. And when it comes to gift-giving, Aussies are known to value the thought rather than the gift’s price tag.

When it comes to corporate giving, Australians do it to show gratitude and promote goodwill to their clients. They also do it to continue their good relationship with their clients and business colleagues.

Although Aussies don’t look at the price tag, the most common corporate gift they give are corporate gift cards. The reason behind this is mainly because it is customisable to fit the preference of the receiver, like that from card.gift. Aussies are no-nonsense people, and it reflects on the gifts they like to give and receive.

Things to remember

If you are a foreigner and you want to give gifts to a business colleague in Australia, you have to be aware that gift cards are known as gift vouchers, and that gift baskets are called gift hampers. Australians do not expect you to give them gifts, but they will graciously accept what you give them.

You should not be surprised when the receiver opens the gift right after they receive it, so you should not be bashful when they do this.

Gift-giving occasions

The common occasions when gifts are usually given are during birthdays, because who does not receive a gift during their birthday?

Weddings are also occasions where Aussies give gifts. The gifts are part of the celebration of the joyous union.

Christmas would not be complete without gifts. It can be said that gifts are expected during this occasion.

Australians have the unique tradition of giving gifts during New Year. It is not an everyday occasion anywhere in the world where gifts are given, but it is most welcome.

Army retirement gifts are also a thing, as one can expect to receive a gift for that festive moment.

The other occasions where gift-giving is usually done are Easter, All Saints Day, and Saint Joseph’s Day.

Business gift-giving customs

Business gifts are usually given to show gratitude or for goodwill. They are also provided to celebrate accomplishments for business colleagues and to cultivate positive relationships with clients.

When giving gifts, you should make sure that it is tailored to fit the receiver’s business or hobbies. You always have to remember that Australians appreciate it more if the gifts they received were well thought of.

Gift-giving tips

One of the things you should also keep in mind is that Australians like eco-friendly gifts. It is because Australia is active in the green movement. They like it when they receive gifts that can be recycled and are environmentally friendly. So, if you will give corporate gift cards, make sure that it is made from recycled materials or from paper, which can easily be recycled. It would be extra better if the gift you give is made from natural fibres.

Gift-giving don’ts

Never give gifts that can be construed as bribes. Australians hate corruption. Giving gifts that look like bribes will put you on their bad side. It will defeat the purpose of your gift-giving. So never ever give gifts that can be mistaken as a bribe.

These are the things you should remember when giving gifts in Australia.

Zaraki Kenpachi