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A guide to planning a surprise for your wife on anniversary

Anniversary is the one day where you and your wife get a golden opportunity to indulge in love filled activities and pamper each other to the core. It is a special day very different from the regular. This day is meant for you two to embrace each other’s company. If this time, you are planning to give a lovely surprise to your wife, then here is your guide on how to go about. Follow these steps and you will make the anniversary day truly unforgettable for her.

       1. Decorations: Start with the decorations. If you think your room would not be the ideal place to surprise the plan as your wife may come to know, think of another nice spot. It could be a vacant room or backyard. A secluded spot would be ideal. Decorate it as you like. For your help, we have listed some decor ideas: 

  • Cover the ceiling, walls, and floor with balloons. Use foil or latex balloons. 
  • Place some candles and Fairy lights for romantic vibes. 
  • On the bedside table, you can locate a fresh flower vase, pick red roses

       2.  Get a Cake Delivery: For anniversary celebrations, a cake is a must. Order and avail online cake delivery in Noida. Heart-shaped cake in chocolate or red velvet would compliment the occasion well. As per your surprise plan, you can either go for midnight or same-day delivery.  For the cake cutting ceremony, decorate a table or a corner. Ideas to take leads from: 

  • Scatter petals of flowers on the table and place the cake in the middle
  • A basket of champagne with cake on the bed
  • A corner decorated with a cake stand, wine, firework candles, and floating balloons. 

       3. Buy a Gift: Another important thing on anniversary is a gift. Your wife is secretly wishing for an anniversary gift from you. Order online for her a nice token. It could be a lovely dress for the night with matching accessories. A piece of exquisite jewellery or a brand new phone. You know her choices well, so shop accordingly. How to make your gifting gesture extraordinary: 

  • If you have bought multiple gifts, put them on a couch or bed of the room you have decorated
  • You can hide the gift in her cupboard
  • Ask her to guess what you have got for her and do not reveal until she guesses it right. 

       4.Plan Dinner: After the mushy-mushy sessions, you would like to enjoy a nice dinner with her. Make it intimate by planning a dinner date at home. Arrange everything well in advance. Order food that you both like with some drinks. 

  • You can have dinner on your balcony. Set it up cosy with plants and chairs
  • Rooftop dinner date will be quite romantic for her
  • Eating your favourite meals with wine and watching a romantic movie will do as well

What To Do After All The Planning? 

Once all preparations have been made, it’s time to execute the plan. Firstly, make sure everything you are doing should be done secretively from your wife. Girls are good at knowing everything and figuring out what’s cooking. Take help from your friends and family for planning it. The next step in the mission: 

  • Ask directly or leave a text to your wife to get ready for the anniversary night. She will ask questions, dodging her is your task. Tell you will be going for dinner or anything. Make stories. Request her to wear a particular outfit or colour for the evening. You can leave her a dress as well on the bed. 
  • Once she gets ready and asks you to leave. Tell her to close the eyes and do as said. You can blindfold her as well. Take her hand and lead the way. 
  • Bring her to the main room where the surprise has been planned. She will be speechless. 
  • Have your moments. Cut the cake, raise a toast and click pictures. 
  • When she is all floored and repeatedly saying thank you, comes the next step. 
  • Do the dinner, she will fall for you all over again for the gesture.
  • Lastly, reveal the surprise gift. 

Thank us later! 

Zaraki Kenpachi