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How to write your first song – 5 Amazing Tips

It is an incredible feeling to create something of own. And when that something is a creative song, the joy only doubles up. If you are a passionate musician who just cannot wait to write his or her first song then our post will help you achieve it. Here are 5 amazing tips that will help you write your first song.

1.  Stick to the Theme

Jumping into too many themes together can spoil your song. When writing your first song, the worst thing that you can do to yourself is switch to different moods in it. If you want to write a sad song, then stick to it and if it is a different mood then do not switch to another. We are not discouraging you to experiment with your songs, but you as a beginner, if you want to hit the nail on the head, then refrain from it.

2. Hum as You Write

By humming your written words you make the process of writing much easier. Humming initially as you write will also help you do much better and more words to your incomplete song. The composition process becomes even easier with writing when you know how your song is shaping up with the music. It also helps when you speak the words while singing them as you will know exactly how the listeners would receive it and make little differences to it that can make big impacts.

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3. Have a Signature in Your Song

You never know how big your song may become sooner or later. If it doesn’t go on to do well, consider it a part-and-parcel of writing but if it happens to catch people’s interest then your signature words or style could help you build your identity. It will help people recognize your future songs by knowing your signature in songs. Popular rappers like Pitbull often use their name in the lyrics of the songs to use their identity.

4. Don’t Lose the Meaning for Rhyming

A lot of people will tell you to focus on the rhymes as it is the easiest way of writing songs. If you want to write easily, then sure go ahead and emphasize rhyming. But one truth about writing songs that you must know that it is only a myth when people tell you that songs only with good rhymes do well. A lot of great songs that even might be your favorite do not always rhyme. Try to give meaning to your words and let the music do its part later on.

5. Listen to Same Genres

One big help that already existing songs can do to you is give you the right inspiration when writing own songs. Listening to the same genres for the time you are writing your songs can help you stay in that channel and write well for the audience you are trying to target. Subscription to helpful music and video streaming services like Tubidy can be of major use for you when writing songs. So, make sure to plug in your earphones now and then and listen to songs of the genres you want to write for.

Although we tell you to listen to similar genres, we would suggest you refrain from any sort of plagiarism in your songwriting. Not only this act is a disrespect to the hard work of the people, but it is also a crime. Have confidence in what you write and bring it forth people. Take their feedback and learn from your mistakes. Every criticism that you face is an opportunity to be better so learn from it.

These are some of the easiest tips that you can use to write amazing songs. By putting them into practice during your songwriting routines, you will see an immense improvement in the quality and the speed of your work. We are sure that these suggestions will do wonders for you.

Zaraki Kenpachi