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Effective Ways to Improve Students Writing Skills

Writing is the process in which the writer writes his/her thoughts in a word. Writing is a mode of communication. For this, a person must have good writing skills, that the second person which reads the content can easily understand what is written in it. A good writer uses words wisely that are meaningful and attract the reader to the message. Writers are of many types, a book writer, songwriter, story writer, and so on. If you are a songwriter, then you can take help from the genius lyrics to write the lyrics for your song. It is the biggest platform that has a lot of songs with their lyrics.

Types of writing:

There are four types of writing: persuasive, expository, narrative, and descriptive. It’s all up to you what you are going to write. Each type of writing has different characteristics and is unique. Based on the writing, you can judge someone’s thinking, learning, and intellectual skills.

Importance of Writing Skills:

It’s an era of the Internet. All the works are shifted online, and the only mode of communication in the online working is writing that is used mostly. If you have good writing skills, then you can take the attention of the receiver in a good way. It is also important on the job place. If you want to deliver your message in a good way, then writing skills are of big importance there. There is no need to wait for a phone call or a proper meeting if you have good writing skills. As a songwriter, your lyrics must be clear and understandable to the listeners. Make it sure that in writing you are passed to explain your feeling, impression, and ideas.

Steps to improve the Student Writing Skills:

The writing of the students matters a lot. A good student is one who can easily write the concept in his/her own words. When a student writing a paper, he/she is supposed to think that the examiner doesn’t know anything about this and now he/she is the teacher, and it is his/her duty to deliver the answer in a good way. As a songwriter, genius lyrics will help you to improve your writing of a song.

If you want to make your content presentable, then only the developing skills and the vocabulary is not enough. You have to follow some formats and rules for it. To improve the writing skill of a student, you can follow these steps:

Step 01:

When you are going to start writing, you must have a clear idea about the Topic. Once you select the topic, then your thoughts move around it. The topic of writing may be an official, story, or about any issue.

Step 02:

Now you have the topic, then start to research the topic and gather all the data. Collect the data related to your topic as much as possible, but your data must be relatable to your topic. Write about the topic which is concerned by most of the people. Stick with the main idea of the topic.

Step 03:

Once you have all the related content, then organize the data in a presentable form. To write about the topic in a sequence, you have to make the outline first. This will help you to write the content in order, if your content is too long this will be very helpful for the sectioning of data in a meaningful form.

Step 04:

Now start writing the detail in the outline that you have made. Don’t use tough language in your content, always user-friendly and easy language that is understandable. Writing of facts, paragraphs, figures, and subtitles has a great impact on the readers, so choose them carefully. In your content first, describe the title, what is it? Then move to its cause effects advantages, disadvantages. Make your content a solution guide for the readers.

Step 05:

After the completion of your writing, revise it. Don’t think that your first writing is the final one. Give it a review again and again and keep on deleting, adding of=r organize the data according to readers’ demand.

Step 06:

Just give a final touch to your writing edit it and proofread the topic for grammatical, punctuation, sentence formation, and spelling mistake. Check the words that have a little change in spelling, like” affect” and “effect”.

Step 07:

Your document is now ready to publish and print, you can also now freely put it on the website for reading.


For writing, choose your words wisely because your words are telling about your thinking, emotions, and tone of talking. So for good writing, follow all the above-mentioned steps and show your best.




Zaraki Kenpachi