Points to remember when writing essay

8 Key points to remember while writing an essay

Writing an essay is one of the most interesting tasks, provided all the parameters are kept in mind. Developing an essay becomes easy only for people that are interested in playing with words according to the experts at ‘do my essay.

Apart from proper language skills, developing an essay requires deep and profound knowledge about a certain topic. Not everyone can write an essay because it is a formal way of communication, and most of the writers love to write in a casual way as it is pretty easier. 

There are a few people who are extremely interested in doing essays, and this article focuses on the key points one has to remember while developing a structured essay.

  • Understanding the topic is extremely important.

Understanding the topic

Writing essays is an elaboration of one-liner topics by giving its different perspectives with supporting evidence. Until the topic is completely understood, it becomes highly impossible to come up with an essay that is meaningful. Most of the essay writers spend a lot of time at this particular phase. Once the topic is clearly understood, it becomes pretty easy to structure and essay and brings it to completion.

  • Researching is important

Once there is clarity on the topic, it is important to spend a lot of time researching. The details about a certain topic cannot be obtained within a minute or two. Some of the topics are so deep; it requires more than a week to prepare and come up with valid points. 

An essay would be completed only when the essay writer performs research through various sources to do the essay. Sticking only to the Internet would not give proper information. It is essential to visit a library, speak to the experts, and also go through a lot of technical papers and other articles that are related to the topic to make your essay complete.

  • Structure of the essay

Structure of essay

After the research work is completed, it is important to work on the mind mapping process. You must note down the most important points that would go into the body of the essay. You should also try and create a powerful introduction and an impactful conclusion to the essay. 

Segregating all the points based on their positioning and placement in the paragraphs, working on the number of paragraphs that you are going to include, and the kind of language that you are going to use is part of the essay structure. Mostly, the essays become the best ones because of the structuring.

  • Work on the introduction

The introduction is the key element of an essay. When the reader starts to read something, it is the introduction that matters the most. If the introduction is not thought through properly, then the entire essay is going to collapse. Gaining or losing interest by the reader is completely dependent on the introduction part.

  • Focus on the body

The essay is not about paying attention only to the introduction and the conclusion part. One must make sure to have a detailed body filled with data facts, evidence that support your idea of the essay, ideas that oppose the central theme of the essay along with the thoughts and perspectives of the writer. Only with all these things done properly, the essay is going to look complete.

  • Grammar is highly important.

Importance of grammar

As the already mentioned essay is one of the formal ways of communication. Using casual language and words that do not belong to the dictionary is not going to be appropriate. Focusing on grammatically correct sentences, along with strong vocabulary skills, is required to make your essay look beautiful and also meaningful. 

  • Work on the paragraph construction

Paragraph construction

Some of the essay writers do not focus on paragraph construction. They end up using long sentences filled with fluffy words. Such essays are not either going to attract any readers or make any sense. Structuring the paragraphs neatly by including the right kind of words and also short sentences would make an essay look better.

  • Do not have a one-sided view

This is one of the common blunders that every essay writer does. Presenting points that support both for and against the topic given is going to make your essay stronger. Having a one-sided opinion and one-sided perspective about a certain topic is only going to give a biased opinion to the reader when they read through the essay. 

It is important to understand that the essay is about elaborating on a certain topic completely considering all the perspectives and dimensions. By doing all these things properly is just not going to make your essay complete, it also showcases the knowledge of the essay writer as well. 

These are some of the key elements that every essay writer should consider when they develop essays on any topic.



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