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10 Writing Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Academic Performance

Although you might not realize it, there is a wide range of differences between a traditional and academic essay. Thus, no matter what major you opted for, it could be quite difficult and daunting for you to write an academic essay, especially if it’s the first time you receive an assignment like this.

If you want to ensure that the essay you compose is up to par and that it’ll actually help you with improving your academic performance, there are some steps that you should follow. Here is a list of the top ten writing tips & tricks that’ll help you boost your academic performance:

1. Firstly, Read Different Tutorials & Guides

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Before you continue reading our list of tips and tricks, the very first thing that you must know and do is that you have to read different guides and tutorials. Of course, our article will help you, but it won’t describe every single detail of writing an academic essay such as the structure that you should have, the things that you must focus on, and so on. This is one of the main reasons why you should read some helpful guides and from there, you’ll be able to apply all the advice we mention.

2.  Don’t Forget to Use Outlines

It’s quite possible that you’ve already heard about using outlines for writing an academic paper, which is exactly why you shouldn’t overlook them, especially since this is exactly what can allow you to write a top-notch paper.

By using an outline, it’ll prepare you for the whole process, mostly because it’ll enable you to plan the structure, meaning that you could end up avoiding getting stuck in the middle of composing the paper. Thus, when you opt for a topic, spend some time outlining everything.

3. You Need to Be Clear & Brief

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If there is one thing that you should take away from this article, it’s the fact that you don’t have to prove that you have a vast English vocabulary or that your writing skills are amazing, instead, you must be capable of presenting all the point in a brief and clear way. Basically speaking, you must make sure that you get to the point in every part of the essay, no matter what topic you have chosen to write about.

4. Opt For Hiring Online Help

Some people are good at mathematics, while others are good at chemistry, and their knowledge is exactly what allows them to compose a good academic essay. If you don’t know much about a particular topic, but still want to ensure that you improve your academic performance, you could opt for hiring some of the best online writing services such as the ones featured on top20writingservices.com.

5. There is Nothing More Important That Editing it

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You might not realize it, but even the best writers out there edit and re-write their work. This is one of the main reasons why you should also do this! Besides allowing you to correct all the mistakes you’ve made – grammar, vocabulary, punctuation – it’ll also allow you to see whether or not it makes sense. If you go through it by yourself, it might be wise to ask a friend to do it as well, which leads us to our next point…

6. Proofread it Twice!

Another important thing that you must do is to proofread what you wrote about. Now, of course, you’ll most likely do it by yourself, but having an additional pair of eyes could prove to be quite beneficial. Thus, you should ask your family member, friend, classmate, or even your partner to proofread it for you, mostly because they might point out some mistakes you’ve made, and more importantly, they’ll tell you whether or not the entire paper makes sense.

7. Focus on The Readers As Well

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Besides doing the things we’ve mentioned, you should also focus on the readers as well. Why is this important? Well, by knowing who will read what you’ve written, it’ll be easier for you to compose the paper.

For instance, your professor will probably already know something about the topic you opted for which means that they’ll grade you based on how well you’ve expressed your thoughts. Thus, take some time to think about the topic, how you’ll explain it, and how you can persuade the reader.

8. There Are Various Online Platforms That Could Help

Although you’ll probably proofread and edit your essay, it’s important that you use various online platforms that could help you additionally check them. For example, Grammarly will show you all the grammatical errors you’ve made, while 1Text Checker will ensure that the content isn’t plagiarized. Hence, you should do some digging and discover what online tools could help you make your paper even more readable and understandable.

9. You Should Practice

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You know that popular expression “practice makes perfect”, which is exactly why you must practice writing as well. Of course, this might be quite difficult for you to do when you first start out, however, by doing so, you’ll ensure that your content is consistent and on point. Keep in mind, you could always ask your professor for some help, especially since they’ll be capable of providing you with some useful guidelines and tips.

10. You Need to Understand The Argument

Lastly, another tip that you must keep in mind is that you have to understand the argument you’re planning on making, and you’ll also have to provide the evidence that’ll help the reader understand it as well. The argument is, perhaps, the most difficult part to write, which is exactly why you must take your time to compose it. Rushing the process won’t help you and it’ll probably make you get confused and overwhelmed.


Yes, writing an academic paper will be one of the most difficult things that you’ll have to do. Nonetheless, in order for you to improve your academic performance, you’ll have to write it, and by following all the advice we’ve mentioned above, you’ll certainly make the entire process easier and less time-consuming, and more importantly, you’ll be able to write the paper properly.

Since you’ve now learned the most beneficial tips and tricks for writing this type of essay, you shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go through our list once more, determine exactly what you have to do, and then start composing the paper that’ll help your performance thrive.

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