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Does morning running make students smarter?

Research says that morning run is the one of the key reasons in which your students can perform well. The reason behind shows, when you’re relaxed, slow-moving, and tardy and too relaxed that’s because of inactive lifestyle, if a person who loves running for his/her health or on daily basis so he/she can make faster learning.

In a general view, studies have shown that about 15 minutes of running on average per day can greatly improve a student’s attention span, focus and later their grades in class.

I can’t answer this question in a definitive way. Although it is widely believed that exercise early in the day helps students accomplish better results in their exams (especially it was on 2nd May annual board exam). I conducted a small scale survey among the students. And what they said me ” Morning run are helping me to accomplish better results in my exams and do my paper.”

Recent research indicates that a 2-mile run performed by schoolchildren in the morning helps to improve their academic abilities by boosting their brainpower. The optimum time for running is right after waking up – so that blood sugar levels shoot up.

If you too are worried about a “W” on your math quiz or the chemistry final, consider adding some running to your evening routine.

There is a well-known and often cited study by S. Pelayo et al (2010), which aimed to examine how physical exercise, such as morning running for thirty minutes, might possibly help students learn better. The study was done on 54 high school students in a public school in Spain during the 2009-10 academic year. The main aim of the study was to see if the amount of time spent doing physical exercise per week, or physical schooling.

Does morning run for a better college performance? Does running help students learn better? According to researchers from the University of Michigan, there is a common belief that exercise is linked to better academic performance.

Morning run has become a part of college life. A lot of faculties ask students to run for two hours before 9 am. While some are still unwilling to do so, there are lots of students who prefer to jog in the morning rather than going to bed early.

Students who run in the morning report better focus, alertness, overall well-being and concentration. They seem to be able to shift their brain into a gear more appropriate for the task at hand, and I believe that this is the key benefit of running. It’s not that running makes us smarter or more creative. Rather it moves us out of our comfort zone and into a zone where we can engage our minds better on whatever it is we are doing.

Data on the effect of morning exercise on learning is conflicting. However, there is a body of research showing that exercise increases neuroplasticity, which is essentially the brain’s ability to learn new things.

Does a morning run help? Many people have averred that the answer is “Yes.” But can anyone prove it? 

A growing body of research shows that exercise increases alertness and concentration and improves memory and mood.

Zaraki Kenpachi