Though it is proved that a well-balanced diet is a crucial step towards staying fit, studies have now analyzed how daily running reduces a person’s risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and further helps him maintain a healthy weight. Themajority of people withdraw from running due to the dedication and training it needs or they simply don’t have time for long runs. But even running 2Km has been found to make a drastic improvement to your lifetime health. But no matter to which group you belong to, a 2km run is your great start and will be worth your time.

Covid-19 demands us to take extra precautions to remain fit. Vidar Australiahas once again ensured that its people do not face any complications while maintainingtheir healthy lifestyle and has therefore introduced its diverse range of face masks which are now available at exclusive discounts.


Wearing a face mask in a daily run wasn’t a necessity until Covid-19. Staying fit and healthy is vitally important for every individual to fight this pandemic and therefore should not be compromised. This requires immediate changes to your daily routine which includes wearing a face mask in your all-day activities too.

Now the question is whether these face masks are helpful?

It depends on the place where you are running – is it possible for you to maintain a 1.5m social distancing- if not then a face mask is a necessity as it significantly limits the spread of the virus to other people in the surrounding. Dr. Joshua Scott, a primary care sports medicine physician in Los Angeles, stated that possibility of the virus transmission while running outside is very low. This is echoed by other health practitioners such as Dr. Nawrot. However, he warned his audience from running in groups or in crowded areas as it will result in a significant increase of the exposure. In such situations, he added, that wearing a face mask is a must.

While discussing the disadvantages, Scott highlighted the fact that a face mask might make the workout harder than usual or can make you feel fatigued quickly but a daily runner will become adaptable to it overtime.But a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has found that mask wearing appears to have virtually no detrimental effects during vigorous exercise if you wear a cloth mask or a surgical mask.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their recent research concluded that cloth face coverings are necessary for all public settings. They further added that face masks are not only for the safety of others in your surroundings but also reduces your exposure to respiratory infectious droplets through filtration.

So Should you wear a Mask

Through studies, it is evident that wearing a face mask should be strictly followed by all individuals to safe themselves and their surroundings from the virus. Vidar has effectively taken a stand towards this initiative and is selling really good quality cloth face masks  and high grade medical masks so you can run easily, and know that you are safe.

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