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A Guide for Educators: 3 Tech Tools You Can Use to Better Engage Your Students

Are you determined to maximize your professional potential in the education sector? Do you want to offer your students the lessons they need to become the best possible versions of themselves? If so, you must take full advantage of modern technology. With the right tools and solutions by your side in this instance, you will have the capacity to teach lessons that actively resonate with your Gen Z audience.

Here are three tech tools that you can use to better engage your students:

Assistive learning

The educational landscape in America is slowly but surely changing. For example, the United States Department of Education stated that 11% of students in U.S. colleges now report having a disability. This means that educators such as yourself now have to find ways to engage differently-abled learners on a deeper level.

Yes, you guessed it — technology is at hand to provide some much-needed assistance in this instance! Thanks to the rise of assistive learning, technology for students with disabilities is now widely available. Whether you utilize a transcription service, proof-reading software, or electronic worksheets, embracing AL tech will help you create equal learning opportunities for all the students in your classroom.

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PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations may now be one of the oldest forms of classroom technology, but they still have an integral role in the modern teaching process. When you utilize the power of the humble PowerPoint, you will have the capacity to engage your students in a highly focused, immersive, and concise fashion. In addition, you will be able to attract their attention using graphics, and you will be able to provide them with targeted lessons through the use of bulleted information.

If done correctly, PowerPoints don’t have to be long and tedious. On the contrary, they can be incredibly interactive and engaging! If you want your next presentation to have a positive impact on your students, you must:

  1. Get your students involved with the presentation creation process
  2. Steer clear of clip art — it’s outdated, and today’s students don’t want to see it!
  3. Insert videos into your presentations that tell stories and make your students laugh

Student tablets

If you are fortunate enough to work in an educational institute that is financially affluent, you should campaign for the provision of student tablets. Once your individual students are granted access to this form of tech, each of them will have the opportunity to operate at their own pace both inside and outside of school. In addition, this will help your students feel comfortable with the learning process, which will increase the likelihood of them all adopting effective studying habits.

Are you serious about reaching the pinnacle of your chosen career ladder? If so, you must go above and beyond to utilize today’s cutting-edge educational tech. Once you embrace the three tech tools listed above, you will be sure to take your classroom teachings to a whole other level.

Zaraki Kenpachi