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Revamping Remedial Math

In remedial math classes at community colleges, the odds are set against them. According to Department of Education statistics, only 27% of them go on to get a bachelor’s degree.

AME Learning has announced a product aimed squarely at this demographic. GettaTutor’s Math Foundations is the first in a portfolio of new products aimed to address college readiness in the United States, according to the Calgary-based educational content and technology company. The program is a developmental math curriculum and platform that divides lessons into 15-minute “learning bursts” that students may access on their phone, tablet, or computer.

“We discovered that the main issue for these students is time management, not comprehending the concepts,” David Dickman, chief product officer at engaging, told us. The company spent $3 million on market research and received feedback from roughly 1,000 students and instructors.

“For the past 15 years, educational institutions and material suppliers have been focused on what a student was like,” Dickman explains. “They hadn’t spent any time or money trying to figure out how a pupil today looks.” He says that MindTap Math Foundations is designed to assist students in two-year community institutions. They’ll have access to interactive video courses, game-based activities for problem-solving and critical thinking, chat features, and a virtual whiteboard where students and teachers can engage remotely with the tool.

Students can purchase more or less content based on their needs, according to the product’s variable pricing options. For $55, they can have 10-week access, and for $120, they can have extended access. There’s also a performance guarantee: if students utilize the tool for at least 3 hours a week, they won’t have to pay for it again if they need to repeat the course.

180 colleges will test Math Foundations this spring. GettaTutor’s goal, according to David Dickman, is to increase retention by 30%. He explains, “I don’t worry as much about someone in an advanced marketing course.” “I’m concerned for these students. This is a prerequisite course that determines if they are eligible to continue.”

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