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Benefits of Online Education Amidst Pandemic Situation

During this pandemic scenario, online education has become a new topic or a new trend for students in India. Even colleges and schools have shifted their mode of offline education to online education. Online education gained its popularity in the current ongoing pandemic situation as most of the schools and colleges opted for an online mode of education. So, to cope up with this situation, schools and colleges are conducting classes over Zoom or Microsoft Team Meeting. Teachers and lecturers send study-related materials and worksheets over email or upload it in the official website of the Board or University.

The adoption of online learning for kids helps both students and teachers to exchange ideas and information. It allows them to discuss projects by sitting anywhere around the world via various communication platforms. Even the New Education Policy released by the Education Ministry also emphasized on the growth of online education in India. In a student’s life, online education has taken the centre stage. Online classes during this pandemic lockdown have benefited students in various ways. In comparison to regular degree courses, online education proved to be cost-effective.

Online education not only saved kids in this pandemic situation, but it has also helped them in various purposes. The recent education system is moving towards online learning as it is accessible from anywhere across the globe. Online learning provides them with various study materials based on subjects. For example, young kids can try out science experiments for kids at home under the guidance of their mentors.

5 Advantages of Online Education for Kids

  1. One of the beneficial effects of online learning is that it makes the students more experienced in using modern technology. They get an opportunity to lay their hands on various programs and apps. During this lockdown, along with academic learning, knowledge related to technology such as smartphones, computers are also enhanced among students.
  2. The system of online education gives students an opportunity to access all suitable information in one platform. The information shared by teachers on this platform can be safely preserved in an electronic archive. It bridges the communication gap between teachers, schools, and students. If students come across any doubt they can easily access this information and clear their doubts instantly.
  3. Teachers can easily track the performance and learning ability of each student in online classes. All the scores and data of students are stored in online platforms from where teachers can track their performance and also provide feedback accordingly.
  4. Online education improves the attendance of students. In this pandemic scenario, schools and colleges are obliged to adopt online classes, due to which there is a significant improvement in terms of attendance and participation.
  5. In online classes, assessment is a non-stop process. It increases students’ engagement as there is no distraction like it happens in offline classes. Students are engaged in initiating discussion and asking questions to clear their doubts. Some concepts are taught better online in comparison to traditional methods of education.

Online education needs and importance came into the limelight during this pandemic situation. Schools and colleges now understand the significance of online education and plan to adopt it in the near future. Students are utilizing the benefit of online education for a very long time by carrying out science experiments for kids like how to make a volcano for kids available on the web.

When kids are exposed to game-based learning, it makes the learning process easier and knowledge. They become more active and retain the concepts for a longer period of time. Kids get to learn different subjects like Maths, Science, English, etc. by playing games. Educational apps are also gaining popularity in the field of education. Now kids can download these apps into their smartphones and laptops. These apps explain each and every concept in detail with relatable 3D images, creative illustration, and even games.

So, we can conclude the article by saying that we all understood the significance of online learning in the recent era of education.

Zaraki Kenpachi