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How to Make Biking Fun for Kids

Getting kids active can be difficult these days. The lure of the indoors is strong as access to screens becomes easier and easier. However, making sure that our youth stay engaged with the activities that make for a vibrant youth doesn’t have to be difficult. There are dozens of things you can try to get excited about spending time exercising and playing. There are sports like soccer and softball, and outdoor activities like fishing and biking.

 Here are some quick tips to get your kids excited about biking.

1.     Plan a Fun Destination

 What kids wouldn’t get excited about heading out for a ride if they knew there was a fun treat waiting at the end. Try planning a ride to their favorite park or reward them for a good ride by enjoying ice cream at the local ice cream shop. 

2.     Head for the Hills

 Sure, bicycling around the neighborhood might not get your kids too excited. Load up the bikes and head for the mountains. There are plenty of easy trails to ride and the new views might be enough to keep them pedaling happily for hours.

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3.     Ride Through Puddles

 Who doesn’t love a good rainstorm and jumping in puddles. Take advantage of this same youthful you and break out the bikes after the storm clears. Let your children ride through the puddles, even if it makes for some wet pants and extra laundry. Trust us – they’ll have a blast. 

4.     Bring Friends 

Everything when you’re young is made better by good company. Encourage your child and his or her friends to get out and ride together. Maybe your children and their friends can all ride to a fun destination and enjoy a picnic lunch. 

Don’t be discouraged if your kids don’t fall in love with biking right at first. Have patience and use these tips to help them discover the joy on their own.

Zaraki Kenpachi