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Worst Online Experiences That Our Child Should Not Encounter

Any hateful or disasterous online experience can ruin the way of life we use to live. The same happens when our youth gets exposure to dangers. Our teens pretend that they do not need us, but actually, they do. When they enter the internet world at an early age, they need proper guidance. It’s also the parents’ responsibility to protect kids from every type of danger and ensure how they are doing. Parents should use tools to give them a secure internet environment as many potential threats can harm our kids. 


Study shows how cyberbullying take the life of many teenagers every year. Exposure to deadly online threats can disturb the future of a child. Here, we have come with some risks that your kid can encounter can result in mental health problems. We will also discuss the solution to provide a secure cyber environment for kids with an android monitoring app. 


Top 5 Worst Online Experiences that Your Teens should Not Come Up Against 


1 – Cyberbullying – Leads to Self-harm or Suicide attempts

Bullying is the major cause of killing the self-confidence of an individual. Unfortunately, social media gives everyone access to make comments or have a long discussion in chat rooms. Peers or friends of friends often make fun of an individual that develops the inferiority complex. It also leads to baffling thoughts that he/she is not worthy to survive. Online users often go beyond the limits of humiliation and do unlawful activities for fun. It makes the victim think that he/she should not live or urge the victim to self-harm. 


2 – Hackers – Increase the Risk of Financial Loss

Our kids are not aware of what is going on behind the curtain. They download every catchy app and click on every link that they receive through emails or messages without thinking about its impacts. Hackers use such tricks to hack the system and steal all the information, including bank details or credit card numbers. They collect all the data without giving any clue to the victim. 


3 – Exposure to Inappropriate Content – Pornography 


Our teens get excited when they hear about the adult content, and the next step is to watch it online. Exposure to such online material develops the violence against women and ruin the personality of the kids. 


Especially, teen boys learn many negative things from pornography and couldn’t able to maintain a relationship in real-life. 


4 – Commercial Sexual Abuse – Causes Mental Health Issues

58% of grooming kids share their nudes or videos with online strangers. They trust every online friend. Here, the nightmare begins when online strangers start blackmailing our children. It causes stress, anxiety, headache, sleep disturbance, etc. they use their photos for commercial sexual abuse and force them to meet in person.

5 – Online Grooming – Take the Kids Away from the Parents 


Online grooming refers to when someone molds your child’s mind with their own ideology or thoughts. Such online individuals share convincing stories with the victim and earn their confidence. They buy them new presents and make sexual jokes to make them involved in illegal activities. Such a situation also leads to drug or alcohol consumption. 


Is There Any Solution to Stop the Kids from Experiencing Potential Risks?

Yes, android spyware is the best solution to safeguard children. Parents should install the best monitoring app in kids android devices to save them from threats.


How Does Android Monitoring App Work to Guard Teens?

No coding is required to track a device anymore!


Fortunately, the digital world gives us an easy-to-understand layout to operate activities. Technology also introduced spy tools that require only a few clicks for monitoring. Parents use the spyware for android phones under the stealth mode. It involves physical access to the android device for installation purposes. Once you install the android spyware, then the next step is to operate online activities remotely. It enables the end-user to block the access of adult content, add content filters, restrict the access of inappropriate websites, block unwanted calls, track live-location, geo-fencing (set safe and unsafe zones), etc. 




Our children are the most important comfort we have. No parents want to see their kids experiencing cyber dangers, which can ruin their life. Creating a secure internet environment lets our youth enjoy freedom without any fear. But this is conceivable only when parents use android monitoring app for our kid’s safety.  

Zaraki Kenpachi