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Bit Guardian Parental Control – GPS Tracker for Teen Drivers

Off late, the need for a GPS tracker for teen drivers has shown a lot of enthusiasm amongst parents. Do you know why? 

Speed trackers are getting widespread attention in the parent’s community due to the reckless driving skills of teenagers. The situation is getting worse with distracted driving, and mobile phones are playing a vital role in the condition.

For all those of you who are wondering what is distracted driving, then let us give you a quick introduction.

What Is Distracted Driving?

There are reports published by NHTSA that distracted driving has killed more than 3100 people in the year 2017.


Distracted driving is a dangerous activity in which the driver is occupied in non-driving actions like texting, setting navigation, switching on the stereo, etc. Any activity that diverts the driver’s mind and eyes from the road and steering wheel is classified under distracted driving.

Out of all the activities that have the potential to distract the driver- mobile phone texting and email viewing pose the greatest threat. Not that adults are safe from the monstrous mobile phone distraction, but they manage to act responsibly to drive accordingly.

With kids, the challenge is different. They want to attempt multiple tasks at the same time and get themselves in trouble. Texting a friend and reaching the concert should not be done together yet it happens very often.

Although, many countries in the USA offer restricted license to teenagers in the age group of 16 yrs. And above, but this does not stop distracted driving in any case. 

There are state laws against careless driving, and local authorities are also on the lookout, but in the end, it’s the child and parent who have to take the responsibility to stop kids from performing such senseless actions while driving.

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Role of Parents- Choose the Best GPS Tracker For Teen Drivers

As far as driving is concerned, parents have a significant role to play. Not only can parents teach kids but influence them in many ways. A simple example would be speaking on the phone while driving a car.

Kids are a reflection of parents and need to see positive and ethical behaviour coming from them. So, the first and foremost change expected from parents is the utmost discipline while driving. And all other members coming in contact with your kid should do the same.

Once parents are done leading by example, the next agenda is to remind your kids about the state laws. Rules and regulations need to be enforced and educated every day; otherwise, it all goes for a toss. If your kid does not understand it the easy way, try to push the rules through their throat but ensure they learn the laws by heart.

Last but not least, parents can select a GPS tracker for teen drivers. The tracker will help check over speeding and alerting parents when the kid crosses a specific predefined limit. This method, by far, has been very fruitful in showing results. Why? Because as soon as the report is triggered at the parent’s end, they can take appropriate measures to stop the reckless driving.

Help Your Peer

We cannot blame all teens for irresponsible driving. Believe it or not, many teenagers may take you by surprise with their sensible and ethical attitude. 

It is rare, but such careful teenagers do exist. Parents and school teachers should leverage such kids to teach other kids how to be thoughtful while driving. 

Some kids can turn into ambassadors of traffic rules for teenagers and teach valuable laws to their peers. This can be done either through school activities or social media. Whichever platform gets more attention, teachers and parents should encourage it.

How can Bit Guardian Parental Control’s Speed Tracker help kids?

Life is too short to regret. As parents, you must invest in wise decisions that make your kid’s life comfortable and happy. 

As far as teenagers driving is concerned, parents need to get more aggressive in taking stern decisions. However, with all the efforts they make, installing the Bit Guardian Parental Control app is the most straightforward method to keep kids safe on the road. 

The GPS enabled speed alert mechanism of the app is unique. It shoots a notification to the remotely located parent as soon as the kid lunges the speed limit pre-defined by them. If you repeatedly get the alert message, probably it is time to think again. Your kid may not be ready to use the vehicle right now. 

Besides tracking the speed limit, Bit Guardian Parental Control’s GPS tracker is very useful to locate your kid and locate a stolen device. 
One wrong turn on the road trip can be fatal for a lifelong and one bad move behind the steering wheel can take away your lifelines. So, be alert with kids’ driving skills and install a GPS tracker for your teen drivers.

Zaraki Kenpachi