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5 Fascinating Facts About Salman Khan That Will Surely Give You Goosebumps

Salman Khan is one of the most successful actors in Bollywood, with the immense loyal fanbase he is blessed with. As we all know, Mr. Khan actually started his journey as an actor with the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi as a supporting role.

Post the success of the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi,  Rajshri Production signed him as a leading man in the movie Maine Pyar Kiya, and the film turns out to be blockbuster and also makes Salman Khan an overnight sensation.

The actor always remains in news for one reason or the other, but the love of the fans for the megastar Salman Khan turns to be everlasting. Here we list down some of the interesting facts we bet you don’t know about Salman Khan.

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5 fascinating facts about Salman Khan that will surely blow your mind

1. He doesn’t watch Katrina Kaif’s films!

It was him who introduced Katrina Kaif in the Bollywood film industry. They even dated each other for a while reportedly. Yet Salman Khan never sees a film which features the Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif, as the leading lady.

2. He doesn’t have an email id!

Yes, your favorite superstar does not have an email id on his own name. It this age of instant communication, it is unable to believe that someone is not having an email-id. Dabangg Khan does not believe in communicating through email. Upon asking the reason instead of mail he would like to connect with people via phone though he also likes face to face talk.

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3. He has a collection of aromatic soaps!

Salman loves aromatic soaps. In his bathroom, the actor has a collection of aromatic soaps. He loves natural fruit and vegetable extracts in his aromatic soaps, reportedly.

4. Dabangg Khan earns more than the popular Hollywood stars!

It might come as a surprise for you, but it is the truth that the actor earned more than the Hollywood actors, including, Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp. Surprised!

5. He’s one of the best looking men in the world!

People Magazine, USA once ranked Mr. Khan as the 7th handsome man of the world, and it is true, the Bollywood actor, Salman Khan is blessed with such a good look and physique, which is incredible, is not!!!

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