The Rihai actor, Saniya Shamshad got into a candid conversation with us and revealed snippets about her life, career and future ventures. Starting off as a political science and sociology student from Lahore, she had no plans of stepping into the field of acting if Waseem Abbas hadn’t discovered her and offered her first break. Although she calls herself an accidental actor, she has been seen playing some very challenging unconventional roles with a wide range phenomenal actor which include Javed Sheikh, Noman Aijaz, Danish Taimoor etc and has received appreciation from legendary actors such as Rubina Ashraf.

The Aseer Zadi actor, has seen the best and worst in the industry and while having educated people in the media is definitely a plus point, she has also faced quite a few unprofessional encounters. She believes that to thrive in any industry, it is important to have the right “neeyat” and focus your energy on improving your work rather than delving into competition and comparison.

Upon questioning her about feminism, she revealed that Feminism differs in every individual.  As far as she is concerned, she feels that there’s still a large chunk of population who do not support the idea of equal rights. Then there’s a small population who feel men and women are equal, this equilibrium has been reached. Then we have this small population of powerful woman who have made a name for them self, they start the aurat march with other women of the same stance for the woman who are at home doing their household chores. Lastly there’s a very small chunk of population who strongly believe in equal rights, but the meaning of feminism doesn’t really align with their personal values and beliefs. She stands by the last chunk supporting what’s right regardless of the gender. Her stance is that we are in the 21st century and we can find woman in all top ranks; this is a sign that we are moving in the right direction however, to actually bring a change, we need to individualize the change or else all these efforts will go in vain.

Currently, the Sadqay Tumhare actor is enjoying the newly wedded bliss in Australia, but she has some interesting projects lined up on both sides of the Wagha border and she looking forward to get back them once the situation normalizes. Despite this, she is of the opinion that Covid has taught us a much-needed lesson about hygiene and social distancing. It has brought us closer to our family, has given us the time for self-growth and has taught that we can live without the urge of going out.

One mantra that she stands by in her life is “Jeeyo aur jeene do” and she believes that  you cant make everyone happy so as long as you haven’t harmed them in any way, you are good to go. She is super excited about the future with a lot of her projects coming on air and is looking forward to working with other talented actors such as Fawad Khan, Sajjal Ali and Ali Zafar since she has never worked with them before.


Zaraki Kenpachi