How FeelingsLink Helps To Keep Intense Romance


You will not believe what a longing for you possesses me. The chief cause of this is my love, and then we have not grown used to be apart. So it comes to pass that I lie awake a great part of the night, thinking of you, you from feelingslink; and that by day, when hours return at which I was wont to visit you, my feet take me, as it is so truly said, to your house, but not finding there I return, sick and sad at heart, like an excluded lover. The only time that is free from these moments is when I am being worn out at the bar and in the suits of my friends. judge you what must be my life when I find my repose in toil, my solace in wretchedness and anxiety. Farewell.

This was on FeelingsLink last night. But the commonly held view these days is that people don’t with love confessions any more and that email and text messaging are death to romance. Perhaps people have grown less romantic and more cynical. Or perhaps masculine men and feminine women are more self-conscious; certainly, irony, the presiding spirit of our age, has almost no place in this true love passionate confession. Read this further.

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Not believe that I love you? You cannot pretend to be so incredulous. If you do not believe my letters, consult my tongue, consult my eyes, consult your own. You will find by yours that they have charms; by mine that I have a heart which feels them. Recall to mind what happened last night. That at least was a lover’s kiss. Its eagerness, its fierceness, its warmth, expressed the God its parent. But oh! Its sweetness and its melting softness expressed him more.



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