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Would you want to skydiving

How fast can a paratrooper land before striking? Believe it or not, the speed of the parachute can be adjusted based on your body position. Under normal circumstances, the stomach sinks to the ground, but you can still get an amazing speed of 190 km / h, but the top speed is 988 km / h. If you want to know more information about skydiving suits so visit us 

A typical 14,000-foot parachute usually takes 5-7 minutes, but the parachute itself won’t last more than 1 minute. Swimming on land is a place where you can really see the beauties of the earth, you can really experience the beauty of the world we live in.

The parachute at the Great Seaside Dam is an example of skydiving with natural beauty. However, most of the people who travel here spend a day or two diving and then do nothing. But let’s say you can see this natural wonder if you fall from an altitude of 13,000 feet. This is literally a great way to see the great rock of the dam. But there are many other locations along the national park coast that offer excellent parasailing.

On the first jump, he does a series of parachutes with an instructor. He will first explain to you the safety, how to position your body when jumping. Soon you will be scaling the summit from 9,000 to 14,000 feet. This is the time when you get really nervous, especially when you are closer. Your trainer flies, несколько ե in a few seconds your plane, jumps, it will be miles away. Then the parachute really sets off the adrenaline rush.

While hard to describe, skydiving doesn’t seem to make you fall very quickly, although free skydiving is great. The reason for this is that the page won’t close until you finally reach the coach position.

Speaking of strong parachutes, let’s talk about a famous person in the world of skydiving … Josef Osef Keatinger, the officer who holds the records for the fastest parachute. ???  In 1960, Keatinger jumped from a hot air balloon at an incredible 102,800 feet per hour and a speed of 988 kilometers per hour. This type of jump is the definition of an intense parachute.

Another noteworthy note is the parachute formation. In 2006, 400 skydivers broke the world record in skydiving in Udon, Thailand. As the number of paratroopers increases, the parachute becomes more complex, but in 2006 they successfully completed the focus.

Many skydivers peak when they try to feel the adrenaline pumping, no matter how scared they are. But there are skydivers all over the world: they are easy to use as a hobby or as a one-off experience.

Zaraki Kenpachi