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10 Useful Online Learning Portals

In times of lockdown, homeschooling is an issue that families with children of all ages must grapple with. Not that easy in everyday family life! So, why is discipline important in online study? The answer is, regularity in online study makes you perfect. You can set your own free time in online study. Discipline helped the students to Grow as a Better and improved their study well. Today we reveal our top 10 learning platforms that convey school content in a fun way and are ideal helpers for parents and children.

1. sofa tutor

Sofa tutor was one of the first online learning platforms on which schoolchildren and high school graduates can prepare for exams and final exams. Here the kids can deepen and practice what is current in school without pressure and class noise. In the form of over 10,000 learning videos and worksheets, students can devote themselves to the topics that are important to them and improve their knowledge and skills individually. Perfect for the coming time at home. 

2. Spellquiz.com

Spellquiz is the most useful online learning portal for kids, especially for those kids who want to improve their dictation skills.  In this website kids improve their learning skill, online spelling, vocabulary, idioms, spelling bee etc. On this portal classes are starting from grade 1 to adults, Grade 11 is adult class for adult students. In this class children can learn about dictation for class 11, grade 11th listening comprehension test, Spelling Test for 11th Grade, and comprehension test for improving English reading comprehension etc 

3. Scoyo

One of the most famous learning platforms is Scoyo. Interactive lessons in the form of learning videos are offered here from 1st to 7th grade. The exciting and at the same time simply explained videos are available for the subjects math, German, English, physics, biology, chemistry and art. You can also select the state and the type of school. This ensures that the right material is conveyed. A plus point is the worksheets, which can also be used offline and printed out.

4. Kapiert

Kapiert is about the system: understanding, practising and testing. The main subjects German, English and maths are offered here in a clear and very well explained way. Infographics, diagrams and funny videos ensure that the children stay on the ball and can deepen the topic through exercises at the end.

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5. Antolin

The Antolin reading promotion program launched by Westermann Verlag is the opportunity to help children improve their reading and understanding skills online. How does it work? Quite simply, the children can choose a book and read it in a set Antolin reading hour. You will then log in with access data – a user name and a password – for antolin.de. equipped and a fun quiz asks questions about the read book. This promotes the understanding of the content and the reading itself, without pressure and everyone at his / her pace.

6. Small school

The little school is a lot of fun with online games and printable worksheets for kindergarten, preschool and elementary school. Free worksheets and exercises to promote fine motor skills, alphabet learning games and activities, as well as online games, are provided free of charge. Explained in a simple and age-appropriate way, your children can make great use of the free time at home. 

7. Cyberkids

Cyberkids is an online learning platform that covers all the learning goals of primary school children. Here fun games and exciting exercises can be tried out online, which help to better understand and deepen the knowledge of primary school lessons. If you did not understand something very well in everyday primary school, you can simply practice it again with Cyberkids.

8. Alfons learning world

House spirit Alfons guides your children through the learning villa with auditory assistance. There children can work their way through task packages in a targeted and independent manner and deepen the material they have learned. The repetition function, which helps the children to gradually develop whole subject areas themselves, is particularly great. The whole program is designed like a game for more fun while learning. The children get reward points for completed tasks and can collect small medals.

9. Novakid

Learning English made easy with the effective learning platform for elementary school children from 1st to 4th grade. The English language is taught in a playful way in a virtual classroom. Age-appropriate exercises are taught by native speakers as if English were the first language children learn. Great for deepening, in addition to English lessons in elementary school or to start from scratch. 

10. StudySmart

The Studysmart learning app uses Stark content (Stark Verlag) to prepare students for exams in a targeted manner.

Check your knowledge with more than 20,000 exercises and master your next exam without any problems. Create your own flashcards and summaries in seconds and share them with your classmates. Study all of your materials on your laptop or mobile phone, online or offline, wherever and whenever you want.

Zaraki Kenpachi