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6 Keys To Repair Your Modern Fireplace

Portable electric fireplaces are an ideal way to cool a room, barn, courtyard, deck, or any other space. You can heat a room where a traditional fireplace is not an option with a portable fireplace. Moreover, the portable fireplace offers every room an ambiance, a visual attraction, and warmth.


You want to enjoy it when you decide on the electric fireplace you love, not stress that it doesn’t function. Luckily, it ought not to be difficult to fix your fireplace. If you have trouble with a portable electric fireplace, you can take several measures to diagnose the problem and fix it.

1. Power check

Since electric portable fireplaces operate on electricity, the first checkpoint is at the source of power if the unit doesn’t work. There are two ways to see things. You can check the outlet voltage easily to make sure the electricity is accessible in the outlet when you have a voltage tester. Alternatively, you can transfer the fire in the direction of a different outlet, which you know works correctly.

2. Make sure the circuit breaker is off

Some electric fireplaces use more electricity than a typical device. Check sure the outlet breaker isn’t tripped if your fireplace won’t light or isn’t operating correctly. You may check this by going to your breaker box and looking for the circuit breaker for the region of the house where the outlet is located.

3. Verify the ampoule

If light or color does not function on the fireplace, you may have to change the fireplace light bulb. A lightstick may be used to provide the visual impression and color of the fire. You may only have to replace the bulb with a new bulb to resolve this problem. If one or half side of the fireplace is brighter, this may also indicate that a light bulb must be replaced. If there is more than one bulb in your fireplace, please change the light that is burned out to guarantee even lighting.

4. Verify the fusions

Portable electric fires feature fuses that have to be correctly functioning to heat the fireplace. When the fireplace has lost its healing power, verify that the fuses are blown before the more expensive parts or the complete device are replaced. Fuses may be replaced cheaply and easily.


First, ensure your fireplace is fully off to prevent shock. To replace the fuse, Then open the fuse box of your chimney. This can be positioned at various positions, depending on your model and manufacture, although many maintain it in the background. The fuse looks like an internal filament in a translucent cylindrical shape. If the filament is damaged, it will seem black and gray. You may use a fuse to remove it with caution and install it in the area of the previous one by replacing the fuse with a fresh one.

5. Smooth the fan

You may have to inspect the fan and clean it to solve the problem if the heating fireplace function does not perform as well as it should. For the fan to function properly, it can get dusty and clean. The fan could not rotate properly by increasing dirt and waste and lower fan efficiency.

6. Consult your model manual

If all fails, the manual for your model should be referred to. Although the procedures above should enable you to diagnose your portable difficulties with electric fireplaces, some products and models have particular characteristics which can only be diagnosed with the instructions provided below.

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