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What Makes McLaren a Trustworthy Brand in Cars?

Every year, a large number of people purchase cars around the world. To put things into perspective, even amidst COVID-19, according to Statista, the sale of automobiles reached 71 million units! This includes 56 million units of passenger cars.

All car buying journeys begin with thorough research. This is when you will come across a variety of models and manufacturers of cars. And if you are a car enthusiast who wishes to get your hands on a supercar, the car buying process will have much more at stake!

After all, supercars are expensive. One brand that is worthy of consideration when it comes to hybrids and supercars is McLaren. Here is what makes McLaren a trustworthy brand.

  • It has an old legacy

McLaren Automotive, previously known as McLaren Cars, has been providing quality vehicles to the masses for quite a long time, 36 years to be exact. McLaren F1, one of the first prominent car models of the company, was released in 1992.

The main products of the company are supercars. A significant portion of this authenticity is driven by the fact that the owner of the company was Bruce McLaren – a driver and race-car engineer. Right from his first race car, M1A, McLarens made a name for himself in the world of auto racing. This eventually led to the inception of the company.

While the company has undergone changes internally, the fact remains that it has continued to make a name itself for three decades, which in turn ensured that its supercars were well received by the masses upon their launch. This is evidence of its credibility in the market.

  • Comfortable to drive

When you think of supercars, the first thing that might come to your mind is speed. Seldom do you expect such vehicles to be comfortable? This is where McLaren cars tend to surprise people. In fact, any McLaren for sale is likely to be comfortable. This is how the company has operated since day one.

Even when you compare it to Ferrari, McLaren tends to win the comfort game easily. Even its 675LT model is considerably more comfortable than GT’s (which themselves are known for this quality).

What comfort exactly do McLaren cars provide? Well, for starters, its suspension feels immensely soft for a supercar. This allows it to drive effortlessly on the road, regardless of the speed you are at. Not to mention that the interior of its vehicles keep comfort in mind too.

The reason McLaren is able to deliver such vehicles is that it gives a lot of consideration to science, engineering, and precision in behind-the-scenes. Unless a vehicle is perfect as per their standards, it doesn’t leave their plants!

  • A visual treat

Almost all supercars are great to look at. But McLarens takes it to a whole new level! Whether it be its cheaper models like the 570S or the high-end supercars, another thing common in McLarens’s cars are that they all look great.

A key distinguishing factor of McLarens car designs is that all of its vehicles look like modernistic spaceships. The addition of dihedral doors, which are now considered a trademark of the company, adds to that wow factor that is likely to leave onlookers gawking as you drive away in your exotic vehicle.

  • The stint with Mercedes

Another reason why you can trust McLarens is that over the years, it has had strong associations within the automotive sector.

Let’s face it – nothing can beat the charm of Mercedes. You might say it is not your type of vehicle, but the sophistication and charm exuded by all the models delivered by the company will always remain unmatched.

It is also safe to say that such a luxury would not collaborate with just any automotive company. The fact that it partnered with McLarens to develop the “Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren” is a testament to its authenticity. 

The model was mass-produced between 2003 and 2009, with 2157 units produced over the span of 4 years. Considering the price range and type of vehicle, this is a significant achievement. 

  • Better on the tracks

McLarens’s cars are made for track driving, and hence the company is considered to be the industry leader in this aspect. Whether it be a 650S or a GT, all McLarens cars have a great track record (pun intended!).

Here too, the precision of its manufacturing and the science behind its development accounts for its performance. You can say that McLaren has always been obsessed with aerodynamics, and hence its vehicles have excellent grip, regardless of the speed.

Therefore, if you are buying a supercar merely for the looks, you will not be able to do justice. After all, the engineers have made each car to be fast, and therefore it deserves a home that uses its full potential!

  • New quality models

There is only so much importance you can place on the legacy of a brand. Unless a company is able to sustain its popularity via recent products, you can’t really fully trust it, especially when the financial investment required is hefty.

But, with McLaren, you don’t have to worry about this. This is because, in the past decade, the supercar manufacturer has been wowing car enthusiasts with fresh and updated models. Its recent lineups, including 720S and Senna, are thought to be better than Ferrari.

In the past decade, the manufacturer has released five hypercars – each of which is starkly different from the other. This includes upgrades in looks, performance, and mechanics. Therefore, McLaren isn’t just banking on its old legacy; it is surely keeping the hype alive by improving its quality of care.

Ending Remarks

Purchasing a supercar is no joke. In fact, buying any type of car, whether it be new or used, is a complex process. Make sure you only purchase from trustworthy brands. McLaren is just one brand you can further research about.

Remember, you don’t buy a car every other day. So, make your purchase count!

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