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Factors that determine car wash machine prices in Kenya

Car wash machine prices in Kenya are determined by several factors. Foremost, the work you will use your machine for will be key. Your interest may be in the commercial aspect, where the applications of the car wash machine are many or your uses may lie more in the domestic side where applications may be limited. We will go through the various factors that you need to consider when making the ultimate decision to purchase a car wash machine.

Understanding car wash machines

Car maintenance has not been a task that many people enjoy doing. Car cleaning is certainly difficult, but car wash machines make it much easier. Car wash machines can eject water through a nozzle onto the surface to be cleaned at high pressure making sure ease of dirt removal. 

With a steady increase in the number of cars on our roads, there has been a positive increase in the small-scale car wash businesses that cater for different activities apart from car washing such as carpet cleaning. The diversification ensures there is a steady supply of work throughout. 

To ensure productivity and save time, people are always on the lookout for newer technologies in car washing. The new technologies ensure that work is always done faster and cheaper. Companies will always invest in research and development to get a market edge. 

Prices of car wash machines in Kenya

There are a lot of factors that will determine the price of car wash machines in Kenya. The factors will vary from functionality, operation mode, machine features, and efficiency, not to mention but a few. Over the past years, there has been an increase in the demand for car wash machines and the manufacturers have noted this. 

To keep up with demand, manufacturers have come up with machines that will cater to the different levels of car wash experts. Manufacturers will have designs for domestic, small-scale businesses to commercial car wash businesses. 

As potential buyers, we should note that commercial car wash machines are more expensive compared to domestic car wash machines. The reason is the amount of pressure the different machines will produce. A machine that produces more water pressure will have a powerful engine and it will reflect this in its car washing machine price in Kenya.

The factors you need to consider when buying car wash machines

You can wash your car one of two ways, manually with a bucket of water and a sponge or automatically, using a car wash machine. To be efficient, save time and costs, it will require you to have an automatic car wash machine making it a key ingredient of the business. 

If you have purchased a car wash machine, you need to buy the correct machine for your business. The car wash machines will vary in size, engine type (petrol or electric), engine size, and other factors. Some factors you need to consider when buying a car wash machine including but not limited to;

  • Consider the type of machine you will require: car wash machine will come in many types. There are cash wash machines manufactured for commercial use and those machines that will be manufactured for domestic use. 
  • The brand: the brand of a car wash machine needs to be renowned. A brand that is tried and tested has a manufacturer warranty. Renowned brands are always more expensive compared to their peers. The initial investment will go a long way to save on the maintenance cost. 
  • The amount you’re willing to spend on the equipment: car wash machines will have different prices; this will depend on factors such as engine size and its application. 


Before taking the plunge, shop around for the best prices of car wash machines in Kenya. Have all the features and uses down before deciding. Shopping blindly will entirely mean you make the wrong decision. Research more to ensure all the features you’re looking for in a machine are ticked. 

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