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Major Things to Know About Spray Paint Machine Price in Kenya

Spray paint machines are used to spray coating materials like varnish, paint and ink onto a surface through air. They are used in painting surfaces to acquire smooth and uniform appearance. Themarket has a wide range of such machines. The price of spray paint machine in Kenya is determined by several variables. This article highlights important details that buyers should focus on to avoid losses.

Factors that determine the spray paint machine price in Kenya

⦁ Manufacturer
⦁ Power source
⦁ Size
⦁ Special features, for example if it is washable
⦁ Included accessories
⦁ Product documentation
⦁ Warranty

Categories of spray paint machine and price

The main categories of spray painting machines are:

⦁ Air spraying paint machine

The spraying mechanism in this type of machine is by air-pressurized spray gun. They exist in two forms: high volume with low pressure and low volume with low pressure.

⦁ Electrostatic spray paint machine

Painting mechanism is achieved by electrically charging the paint particles and the object to be painted. The charging is done such that the paint particles acquire charges opposite to the object.

⦁ Electric fan spray paint machine

The painting machine converts the paint into droplets or combines paint with air. The droplets are then forced out through nozzles.

⦁ Airless spray gun spray paint machine

The painting machine is connected to a pump with high pressure. They are preferred by contract painters for heavy duty painting services. They are either powered by compressed air, hydraulic machine or electricity.

⦁ Automated linear and flat-line spray machines

Automated linear spraying machines are used for painting wood products at a faster rate. Flat-line spraying machines are ideal for painting surfaces and materials less than 10 cm.

⦁ Spray booth

Painting is done in a pressure-controlled and enclosed environment.

Choosing a spray paint machine in Kenya

Spray paint machine price in Kenya can be more confusing to buyers who are not aware of what they should look for in the machine. Here are 3 factors that can guide them in choosing the correct equipment.

⦁ The type of paint

Different machines are suited for specific type of paints. For example, some spray paint machines are suited for thicker paints.

⦁ Coverage area

Smaller and handheld units are ideal for painting smaller surfaces. Larger surfaces may require advanced machines with long extension cords       and larger paint cups. Heavy duty machines are costly but can perform larger tasks at a higher rate.

⦁ Style

The main styles are: airless sprayers, compressed air and high volume with low pressure. Compressed air paint machines use an air               compressor. However, it is less expensive than others. High volume with low pressure machines is more expensive but they use little paint, hence economical.


The paint used in spraying contains harmful compounds that can lead to health hazards. Users are advised to buy paints that have low composition of such substances. While thinking about the price of the actual spray paint machine in Kenya, it is very important to consider investing in suitable protective equipment (PPE) including face masks and safety boots.

Another safety precaution is proper storage. Paint supplies should be stored well to avoid leakage to the environment and cause pollution. Additionally, most paint products are flammable.

To wrap up

Kenya has an open system of business. Therefore, the price of a spray paint machine in Kenya will depend on region, features and agreement between the transacting parties. The information above is intended to help one get the right spray painting machine that is within their budget.

Zaraki Kenpachi