The welding machine is one of the most important devices for a professional welder. It generates heat that facilitates the melting of certain metal parts to join them. Nevertheless, no welding machine is suited for every welding project.

It is important to select a particular welding machine that will return your money profitably. When buying your desired welding machine in Kenya, consider the following details of welding machine price within Kenya that have been discussed in this article (factors to consider when buying the machine and kinds of welding machines):

Power Output and Input

The required power input for a certain welding machine relies on the process of welding being performed. The less heavier machines operate on 120V (Volts). Those having the ability of performing higher demanding jobs need 240 Volts input whereas the huge industrial ones need 3 phase power for operation. Power output should be slightly low.

Weight and Size

Portability of a given machine (welding) is a significant factor that should be acknowledged. Different kinds of welding need you to settle in different postures while working. For instance, body fabricators (auto) are needed to be beneath a particular car and above the hood to access certain points. Therefore, select one suiting your desires.

Duty Cycle

The cycle of duty represents the duration that the machine (welding) can continuously operate before being stopped to be cooled. It is frustrating to stop the machine often to facilitate the cooling process most so when it is your business. This is also an essential factor to acknowledge when determining Welding machine price in Kenya.

The Process of Welding

This is also an important factor when evaluating Welding machine price in Kenya. The several kinds of welding machines in Kenya (for sale) are manufactured for various processes of welding. The commonly known processes of welding are; stick, TIG, and MIG welding. GMAW (MIG) welding is commonly used since it is an easy type of welding process to study and master. 

GTAW (GIT) utilizes a non-consumable (electrode) to generate the needed heat to join and melt the metal pieces. Its tungsten is favorable because of its high melting capability. Acquiring skills for this kind of welding is quite tough and is commonly utilized when welding thin parts.

Transformer Welding Machines

Transformer machines (welder) utilize transformers to transmit power to a certain welder. They have been popular for a very long period due to their outstanding longevity. Transformer machines (welder) are majorly used in workshops and garages because of their promising durability.

Inverter Welding Machines

The inverter welding machines are highly sophisticated. They have an inverter and this makes them more compact and portable. Moreover, they are known for their efficient energy because of their correction technology for power factor. Because of they have several features, they allow for fine performance tuning while being operated.

The details above are suit for any individual looking for the price of a high-quality welding machine within Kenya. Information on welding machine price that has been explained in this article are factual, so apply them today to acquire an appropriate welding machine that matches with its allocated price.

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