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What you need to know before you buy a chaff cutter in Kenya

Are you a farmer that is looking for a good chaff cutter to help grind the raw animal feed for your cattle? Look no further because this article provides you with all the essential information you need to know. It will guide you into buying an efficient and reliable chaff cutter.

What is a chaff cutter?

This is a mechanical machine that is used to grind fodder that is either green or dry for cattle into small pieces to make it easier for digestion. These machines need electricity to run but if you don’t have electricity in your home you can purchase a generator so that it can run smoothly. The materials that are used to make the chaff cutter are strong and can withstand any conditions.

Types of chaff cutters.

There are many types of chaff cutters you can choose from. They are narrowed down to two which are; manual and powered chaff cutters. The manual chaff cutters are basically run manually by the farmer. It is the best option for small scale farmers. The powered chaff cutters are the ones that come with either electricity or powered engines. They make it easy to cut fodder for large scale farmers.

Benefits of a chaff cutter.

Some of benefits of using a chaff cutter include; its blade is strong enough to withstand and pressure, a chaff cutter is motor driven which means that it saves a lot of time and human resources, they are quite easy to set up and are potable in case you require to move it and finally,  a chaff cutter will helps reduce wastage of fodder since they are cut into small pieces to help animals digest easily

Components of a good chaff cutter.

 There are several types of chaff cutter and they have different features, but there are main features that each chaff cutter should have. These features are; chaff cutter section which consists of the blade that cuts the fodder into small pieces, feed roller which pulls the forage towards the blade so that they can be can into small pieces and a stand; where you place the fodder to be cut.

What to consider when purchasing a chaff cutter.

When looking up for a chaff cutter for sale in Nairobi, make sure you consider the following; make sure that you purchase a chaff cutter that does not cause a lot of noise pollution so as not to cause hearing  damage, that chaff cutter should be made of materials that are durable, cheap and have long lifespan. Also, purchase a chaff cutter that is within your budget.

Where to purchase legit chaff cutters.

To get a good chaff cutter, make sure that you are well aware of the seller. Also read lots and lots of product reviews of the product, search more about the product, visit online shopping platforms and don’t ignore any red flags you see. By doing this, you will get a good product that works efficiently and meets your needs.

In conclusion, when you wish to purchase a chaff cutter, get yourself one that best suits your needs, is enjoyable to work with and gives you good results. Also remember to beware of cons that take advantage of buyers in search of good and reliable machines. For more information, visit

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