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5 Things You Should Know About an Energy Efficient Washer

If you’re considering investing in an energy-efficient washing machine, you are certainly not the only one. After all, consumers now care about energy efficiency more than at any other point in history, with a majority describing it as one of the most important features they look for in new appliances.

There are benefits to owning an energy-efficient washer, not least the fact that it will reduce your carbon footprint and the size of your electricity bills. If you are looking for the most energy-efficient washer and don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. Read this essential guide to find out everything you need to know about energy-efficient front loader washing machine appliances.

1. An Energy Efficient Washer is Bigger

There is no getting around this one. Even the best energy-efficient washer on the market will be significantly larger than most ‘normal’ washing machines. This is because they rely on rapid propeller technology to clean clothes with less energy expenditure. Always make sure you have enough room for a larger machine before you by an efficient washer.

2. Less Water AND Less Electricity

In every sense, a high-efficiency washing machine will save you money. Not only do they use less electricity, but they also use less water. In an age where water shortages are a more pressing concern for much of Australia, this can be a major boon to any household. In addition, you might even qualify for an energy-efficient washer rebate from the tax office, putting more money back into your pocket.

3. Logistical Problems Can Arise

While all washing machines can go on the fritz from time to time, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the specific problems that can arise from using a HE washer. Due to the propeller system, they are more likely to tangle clothes. Meanwhile, they can shake a lot more during use, which can cause parts to break down more quickly. If this does occur, you can easily find washing machine repairs near me in Sydney and get your washer fixed in a heartbeat.

4. Ideal for Smart Tech Enthusiasts

If you’re all about the cutting-edge, you’ll be wanting an energy-efficient washing machine. The vast machine of HE machines currently on the market is smart washers, featuring sensors, touchscreens, and the latest in IoT technology. For homeowners that are only interested in powering their home with the best technology available, a HE washer is the way to go.

5. You’ll Need Specific HE Detergent

Many people do not realize that HE washing machines require specific detergents in order to function. It is entirely possible that the detergent that you currently use is not suited to the low-water environment of an energy-efficient machine. Always check that your detergent is labelled as HE detergent on the bottle, otherwise, it won’t do the job.

Power Your Home with the Best Tech

Now that you know exactly what you need to know about energy-efficient washer machines, you are ready to make the right choice for your home. For more essential home tech tips that will help you live more easily, we have got you covered. Simply consult our curated Technology guides to learn more.

Zaraki Kenpachi