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Washing machine features explained

Picking a new washing machine can be difficult as there are various models available in the market nowadays. The right washing machine will deliver clean clothes after washing. It should also provide enough features and functions so that you can wash a wide variety of fabrics and clothes.

The technology and features in a washing machine have become so advanced that now you have AI-driven technologies in washing machines. It’s time for you to know the latest features and technologies that come with a washing machine to make the right choice while bringing home a brand new washing machine. The most important features to consider when buying the perfect washing machine for your needs are discussed here.

Automatic dispensers

This feature is mostly seen on the best front load washing machine. This feature allows you to use the correct amount of detergent for washing clothes. It automatically dispenses the detergent, bleach, or fabric softener at an appropriate time during the wash cycle.

Digital display

Digital display is the most important thing you should look for in a washing machine as it shows how much time is remaining for the wash cycle to complete.



This feature is an excellent option if you want to delay the start of your wash cycle. It helps you to preset the time, and the machine will run the wash cycle during the night time or when you are out of your home.


Fuzzy Logic

This feature automatically selects the best wash programme by sensing the laundry load and the dirt in the clothes. The washing machine will automatically adjust the water level, detergent amount, and the time for washing your clothes. This feature helps to save water, energy and detergent.


Extra rinse cycle

This feature is beneficial for people who are sensitive to detergent residue. It rinses the laundry with an additional wash cycle to remove all the detergent residues from the clothes to give it a perfectly clean look.


Child lock

This feature is a must if you have small children at your home. This essential safety feature locks the washing machine’s control panel when operating so that your children cannot change the settings.


Temperature control

The washing machine that comes with an in-built heater allows you to adjust the temperature of the water. This will be highly beneficial to use in the winter.

Hot water deep cleans the clothes better than normal water. Water above 60 degrees Celcius is the best for removing tough stains from your clothes. Water temperature of 40 degrees Celcius is good for removing sweat stains from your clothes and is best used for washing underwear. Water temperature of 30 degrees Celcius or below is used to wash lightly or medium soiled daily wears.


Wash Programmes

Cotton– Almost every washing machine comes with this programme to wash both cotton and synthetic fabrics. It usually comes with a high-speed spin setting which makes it a little harsh on the clothes. It also allows you to wash clothes at different temperatures.

Wool or Delicate– This programme is best used for washing gentle clothes at low temperature and low-speed spin to prevent clothes from getting damaged.

Quick wash– Perfect when you require clean clothes in a hurry. This is an excellent option for washing your lightly soiled clothes. This option allows you to wash clothes in less than 30 minutes. It also has a high-speed spin cycle to enable faster drying of clothes. However, most washing machines with a quick wash programme allow only a small laundry load to be washed at once.

Anti-allergy– This programme allows you to remove germs and allergens from the clothes with the help of steam. The high temperature removes allergens and bacteria from your clothes.

So when you buy a washing machine from a nearby store or an online store, keep these points in mind. You can also check https://livelyhomes.in/best-washing-machine for the best washing machines in India.

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