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Choosing the Best Laundromat Near You: What to Look For

There are around 18,649 laundromats in the U.S, which shows there are plenty of options. 

Laundromats are a life-saver if you don’t have space for a washing machine, need to clean a huge load, or have delicate clothes. Perhaps laundry day is around the corner and you want to find the best laundromat in your area.

Sounds familiar? Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what to look for during your search. 


On your quest to find a laundromat, start by checking the price list online.

These will vary depending on the establishment but if you’re after a seamless experience, consider paying extra so your laundry returns spotless. Wash, for example, is a fantastic laundromat whatever your needs.


Your local laundromat must be pristine. Not only for your newly washed clothes but to protect the health of their employees and clients. The last thing you want is to fold your garments on a dirty table, so choose a coin laundromat that is frequently cleaned

Washing Machines Available

Another important consideration is the machines available.

Make sure the commercial machines are up-to-date and durable as it slashes washing cycles, saving you money in the long run. If you’re concerned about the environment, then find a laundromat with modern machines that offer water-saving and energy-efficient modes.   

Services on Offer 

The laundromat you choose depends on the services you need.

At the bare minimum, the establishment should offer wash, dry, and fold services so you needn’t wait around for your laundry. Many laundromats even offer a drop-off service so your clean laundry arrives at your door the next day.

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If you want to do laundry yourself, the laundromat must support this. Check that there’s a comfortable seating area and TV to keep you entertained. Many reputable laundromats even provide a range of detergents so you don’t have to lug a bottle around.   

Payment Methods

Laundromats differ regarding payments, as some solely accept coins whereas others are digital. Check the business’s site to find out the preferred payment so you’re fully prepared. Luckily, most laundromats have change machines so you can pay for that unexpected extra cycle.  

Opening Times 

The laundromat’s opening hours can be a deal-breaker if you have a busy schedule. If this is the case, find a 24 hour laundromat so you can clean your clothes whenever. This is also great because you can miss the crowds and relax while your garments spin. 

And don’t forget the importance of location. Make sure you find a laundromat near your home so you’re not dragging your laundry across the city.  

Find the Best Laundromat Today 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find the best laundromat to suit your needs. 

Make sure you check the laundromat’s prices, opening hours, and location so it doesn’t clash with your schedule. You should also consider the quality of the machines and services so you’re in good hands. Good luck!  

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