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How To Start an Explication Essay – 2024 Guide

Writing an essay is often a terribly annoying task for most students. There are many reasons why we started this article with that sentence. First and foremost, not all youngsters are good at writing. You genuinely need to have some sort of creativity to complete tasks appropriately. The pieces of information you send there are often tricky as they analyze some complex topics. Because of that, you need to be ready to turn challenging paragraphs into engaging ones.

Apart from that, the C days are not easy either. Some students, without any doubt, have a problem with time organization. They often delay the beginning of studying. When they realize that exams are close, they start to panic. Additionally, when they realize that they also need to write an essay, things become even more challenging.

This guide has only one goal – to make essay writing easier for you. We are 100% sure that collecting data is not the main problem that you have. On the contrary, most students we have talked with so far told us exactly the same thing – how to start an explication essay?

Well, you are in the right place at the right time to find out the answer to that question. After reading this article, things will be much easier. We have also prepared some additional pieces of advice that will certainly make things better for you. So, let’s go!

Focus on Word Choice

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This is something that even marketing experts will confirm. The way you start any form of content is crucial. It is the part of the document that actually grabs the attention of the reader. If the beginning is monotonous, there is a big chance the reader will become uninterested or simply less focused on the remaining part. This is something you must prevent from happening.

One of the things you need to focus on when starting an explication essay is to pick the right words that will make the beginning more elegant. We suggest you use some creative words or write sentences full of attributes.

However, there is one more thing that we need to add here. DON’T OVERDO IT! Yes, writing in a creative and elegant tone is amazing. However, the introduction of the essay needs to properly explain what you will analyze in the further text and why the poem you are analyzing is good for any type of analysis. So, we do believe that balance is the key here.

Structure of the Sentences

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At first, this and the previous piece of advice may seem identical. However, they are far away from that. Generally speaking, apart from choosing the right words, you also need to focus on the so-called rhythm of the content. In other words, you need to figure out which words need to be placed in which part of the text.

The tone of writing won’t mean anything to you if you do not ensure that the beginning of the essay has some sort of flow. All the readers (it doesn’t matter how familiar they are with the poem you are analyzing) need to enjoy reading the text. Also, with a good rhythm, you will also manage to develop some sort of visual meaning which will make things even more engaging.

Apart from everything we just said, there is one more thing that you need to have in mind. Many people will stop reading immediately if they see the sentences and paragraphs are too long. We do understand that you want to say a lot of things. However, divide your ideas into short sentences and paragraphs.

So, what do short sentences and paragraphs define? Well, there are no strict rules. We suggest the sentences do not be longer than 20 words. Speaking of paragraphs, we suggest they do not be longer than 4 lines. This piece of advice is not just important for the beginning of the essay. You should apply these tips for the entire essay.

Mention Yourself Also

Why should someone read an explication essay if the person that is writing it is not qualified enough? That’s exactly something you must confirm immediately at the beginning of your essay. However, the way you do is significant and you must not talk about yourself in superlatives.

It would be good to express, in the short term, some opinions that you have immediately. That way, you will certainly show that you have the credibility to talk about a certain topic. Besides, the opinion that you share can also be intriguing sometimes. For example, the person will or won’t agree with your attitude towards the poem or whatever topic you are analyzing. If he agrees, he will immediately realize that you are on the same side. On the contrary, if he disagrees, it may happen that he would like to read and find out why you have quite the opposite approaches.

But, Don’t Be Boring

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There is the same rule for all the essays (not just this type). The beginning of the essay must not be too long. It may seem contradictory after everything we said before, but you must be as short as possible here.

Imagine that you expose everything already at the beginning of the essay. Why would someone continue to read it? What is the purpose of the remaining text then? Indeed, you should highlight the main parts that you will explain and add a sentence or two that will confirm your creativity. However, that’s it! Don’t talk about details a lot. Learn how to grab the attention of the reader and simply convince him to continue reading without any specific call to action.


Here comes the end of this article, and it is about time to make some sort of conclusion. Basically, you need to focus on the tone and flow of the content. The sentences should not be too long as they can make the intro too boring. Say something explicit that is going to convince people to continue reading. If you want to get some additional tips, it would be good to research what other experts have to say. For additional information, check out https://wr1ter.com/how-to-write-an-explication-essay

Taisa Sharda