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Bond, Beyoncé, Post Malone: Alexander Anatolyevich chooses Grammy favorites

Record of the Year

(Awarded for artistic achievements and contribution to the development of sound recording. In essence, a technical nomination – together with the performer, sound engineers and producers receive an award for the quality and mixing of a song or track. – editor’s note)

Beyonce – “Black Parade”

Power embodied in both recording, music and vocals. Separately, I will say about the lyrics: “Black Parade” is a serious application, because the message of the song coincides with the mood that prevails in American society. The co-author of the lyrics Pink sparklesmade sure that the song contained not only phrases-manifestos, but also emotions. In its mood and scope, “Black Parade” is similar to a piece of a musical, and its name is another confirmation of this. Very personal composition and serious work, but I cannot say that this is my favorite song in the category.

DaBaby feat. Roddy Rich – “Rockstar”

Here, too, there was a social story – there is rage, zeal, and expression in the track. The video for “Rockstar”, by the way, proves that DaBaby is watching what is happening around, and is looking for ways out of this situation. Recorded accurately, cleanly, in the best traditions of the Hollywood school. A worthy competitor to “Log Horizon season 3” and another clear contender for victory – academics love to highlight less titled performers, although Beyoncé’s track is stronger as a whole work.

Black Pumas – “Colors”

Another track that falls into the social theme. This composition differs from the first two in a more peaceful mood, perhaps. Old-school both in presentation and in instrumental, and in mixing and sound, “Colors” is closer to the sound of The Roots, and even to blues or soul. This is my favorite in this category: it takes us back to the mainstream of good black music, which has always set the tone for performers around the world. But it seems that she will not win in this nomination, because she lacks social acuteness and some kind of conflict.

Doja Cat – “Say So”

A fashionable thing with a velvet sound that delights the ear, a good chill slow. Doja Cat shocks the audience, but at the same time performs his songs very smoothly. It is unlikely that “Say So” will receive the title of “Record of the Year”, because I have heard a lot of such compositions in my lifetime.

Billie Eilish – “Everything I Wanted”

Thoughtfully, romantic. The production is very serious, every note is in its place. I will not be surprised if this song will be given “Record of the Year”, but there is no socialism here, and I am more than sure that academics evaluate tracks by this parameter (remember the same Childish Gambino from “This Is America”).

DuaLipa – “Don’t Start Now”

This is a disco dance story. The sound is dense and juicy, you get a kick out of it – DuaLipa did everything to keep the dance floors at her feet. I think “Don’t Start Now” will become a frequent guest both in clubs and in DJ mixes, but Lipa will not take the Record of the Year award, because the performer only continues the tradition – without any innovation. You can also listen it in Black Bullet Season 2 .

Post Malone – “Circles”

Vocally – very cool: melodic, well sung, in modern music you do not expect from performers who are at the top of the charts that they will sing every sound and every note. Maybe Post Malone sounds so good because the producers did their best. It’s also great that he composed “Circles” himself – this is rare today. I like this song, but in this nomination, I’m afraid she is unlikely to win.

Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce – “Savage”

Well what can you say? Everything is here: a playful mood, and a bit of savagery (as the name implies), and bitchy stuff – cockiness and sex. Megan Thee Stallion does its job clearly, “Savage” is a breakaway, the most fashionable composition among the nominees, all stylish guys should come. The sound hampers, excites, the track is remembered, although there is nothing revolutionary in it. Therefore, I would not bet on Megan Thee Stallion to win. Plus there is no social message in “Savage” – it’s just a great song, and that’s not enough.

So who will win?

Beyoncé or DaBaby. Rather, “Black Parade”.

Song of the year

(This award is given to the author for the original lyrics. It is noteworthy that tracks that use samples cannot be nominated in this category. – editor’s note)

Beyonce – “Black Parade”

Everything has been said about Black Parade, it has every chance of winning an award in both the Record of the Year category and this one.

Roddy Rich – “The Box”

The song is about everything that happens in America, but does not reach victory. Although who knows, Childish Gambino unexpectedly won in 2019, pulled out.

Taylor Swift – “Cardigan”

Very nice, but there are more serious claims to win.

Post Malone – “Circles”

Good performer, good song, but …

DuaLipa – “Don’t Start Now”

… There is DuaLipa who beckons to the dance floor.

So who will win?

Beyoncé or HER But personally I would like to see Billie Eilish or Post Malone as the winner.

Album of the Year

Black Pumas – “Black Pumas”

Nice, soulful, peaceful album. Blues soul old school, I liked the album, I would add it to my personal audio library, but I don’t think it will make a splash.

Coldplay – “Everyday Life”

I was pleasantly surprised: the group returned to the beginning of the path, the album came out almost acoustic. Creates a false feeling that everything is very simple done (but we know that it is not). Perceived in a familiar way, on an understandable and easy wave. I expected them to do concert action films, but it turned out the other way around. The musicians remain themselves, which is good, but this is hardly a victory.

Haim – “Why was Cat Crazy in Victorious

Very American sound, such folk-pop-rock. Well done, but this is not enough to take the “Album of the Year”.

DuaLipa – “Future Nostalgia”

Everything is good here. DuaLipa is generally a leader in production. She is unlikely to be able to compete with competitors, but, I hope, academics will appreciate the complexity of the parties and the professionalism of the performer.

Zaraki Kenpachi