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Salient Features of Desert Safari

Have you ever gone on an adventurous journey through the desert? If not, you might think about what type of adventure you can have in a desert? To get this answer, you should set out on a journey to Abu Dhabi. People who went to Abu Dhabi never miss out on the desert safari. Roaming through the vast desert could be a great pleasure. 

You could contact a tourist company to enjoy this amazing journey through the desert. Different companies offer different Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals. Each deal comes with varying features. But some are common, regardless of the tour operator you choose. 

Here are all the salient features of a desert safari. 

  • Non-Stop Entertainment

The basic feature of every desert safari is to provide you non-stop entertainment. Every company offers you different ways of entertainment. All the girls and kids could have henna designs painted on their hands. All these beautiful designs do not cost extra. 

When you stay a night in the desert, the entertainment is at its peak. Different dances, including the famous Tanura dance and belly dance, are performed. A fire show is also performed to entertain you. You could also dress in an Arabian suit for photography. 

  • Amazing Rides

There are different amazing rides offered upon paying for them. You could have a ride on a quad bike. It’s a great fun activity to perform. Similarly, you could also enjoy a camel ride. It’s just amazing to have the most ancient and traditional ride of the desert. Moreover, the guide will also capture some amazing photographs of you riding on a camel. 

  • Some Adventurous Activities

Desert safari offers you an ample opportunity to perform some action-packed activities. These activities will add more fun to your adventure. Dune Bashing is the first thrill you have in a desert safari. It starts soon after you enter the desert. Riding the vehicle at a high speed and bashing the dune is the tradition of a sand safari. 

A dune buggy is also provided. A four-wheeler powerful vehicle will add thrill to your journey. Riding it is more fun than riding a Quad bike. To add more fun, the tour guide offers you the different flavors of shisha. It’s fun to taste these water pipes.

  • Fantastic Meal

After spending time in dessert and having a lot of fun will make you feel hungry. It’s natural to feel an appetite after performing such thrilling activities. The tour operator will provide you with a fantastic meal. This meal includes mouth-watering Arabian dishes. There is a whole variety of barbeques in this meal. 

Both, vegetarian and no vegetarian menus are available there. You could choose dishes of your own choice. Unlimited drinks including coffee, tea, and water, etc. are available there.

  • Amazing Sceneries

During the desert safari, you could witness some amazing scenery. The sand dunes and shifting of sand produce some beautiful scenarios. The best sceneries you could witness during a desert safari are the scenes of sunset and sunrise. These magical scenes attract people from the whole world. 

  • Sandboarding

Sandboarding is a fantastic activity. Picking your sandboard, and suffering through the desert is amazing. Slipping through the soft sand is a soothing experience. Apart from sandboarding, other activities included in the Abu Dhabi desert safari include dune bashing, ATV bike ride, camel ride, etc. You can find out more about them by visiting https://desertsafarisabudhabi.com/

These features of the sand safari attract every person towards it. So if you want to enjoy these features, simply book your tour and enjoy the sand safari.

Zaraki Kenpachi