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Serengeti National Park Tour Tips

Serengeti National park called the never-ending plain which is home to the highest focus of untamed life and the liveliest spot of Tanzania is attracting millions of wildlife lovers to Tanzania. The special warm air balloon safari, view of golden sun-set in the rolling savannahs, the big herds of mammals, and the world-popular wildebeest migration make the place one of the best national parks of the country. This is the park where safari goes come to really experience Tanzania safari tours.

How much does a Serengeti National Park safari packages cost?

  • Luxury Serengeti national park tour packages cost anything from $100 per person sharing per day. The cost covers your accommodation, food, tour guides, park fees, and transportation.
  • Mid-budget vacation costs anything from $300 per day. It covers meals, accommodation, park fees, guide fees, and transportation.
  • A budget trip in the park costs $200 per person per day. You will travel in a trip van with a group of eight travelers. The cost will cover your accommodation, meals, transport and camping activities.

Serengeti national park hotel tips



Including hotels and lodges in your Serengeti safari tours provide you a chance to have laundry done, catch up on emails with Wi-Fi, and relax in refreshing goods. You can enjoy tasty restaurants that serve up domestically inspired dishes, permitting you to sample seasonal produce. But wildlife watching does not end, as many luxury lodges provide watering holes with viewing decks where you can observe the many animals that they attract. Hotels and lodges generally have libraries where you can gain more full knowledge of the places and wildlife you have seen on your safari game drives via the parks and reserves.


Picking Serengeti National Park safari packages that offer accommodations with amenities and comfort is vital for feeling refreshed each day, permitting you to focus on spotting wildlife and taking in the amazing landscapes. Having everything arranged for you during your stay permits you to travel worry-free, with an itinerary that is promised to offer you countless memorable experiences.


The Great Migration

One of Serengeti strongest draws is the chance to witness the biggest land-based migration in the planet, also called as African Great Migration. The migration is made up of around 1 to 2 million blue wildebeest, thousands of zebras, and numerous other antelope species. The yearly migration is a continuous circuit that the animal follows as they search for fresh grass that is offered by the rain. Must plan your Serengeti national park tour packages these days.

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