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Things No One Tells You About Dubai Desert Safari

The iconic city of Dubai is much more than the skyscrapers it is famous for. The host of upcoming mega event EXPO-2020, it is home to several attractions, each better than the other, that fascinate tourists and locals alike.

Each attraction has its own charm. For example, the indoor aquarium takes you to a world of its own where you get to interact with dolphins and take part in other activities. Similarly, the Hatta dam trip showcases the natural beauty of the emirate that not many people know about.

Among all these activities and things to do in Dubai, it’s the desert safari that happens to be most interesting one for tourists. There are no tall buildings and world-class facilities the city is known for. But, it offers an experience that’s full of excitement, fun and thrill.

Having said that, there are some facts about this safari that not many people talk about. So, if you’re planning to book your tickets for Dubai desert safari, this information can prove to be useful for you.

Read on to know more:

The Weather Can Be Very Hot

Needless to the say, the weather in this part of the world happens to be quite warm and humid. If you belong to a colder region, you will certainly face difficulties adjusting to it. While all the other indoor activities in Dubai are performed in centrally air-conditioned facilities, this is not the possibility with the desert safari. Therefore, be prepared to face the hot weather. Keep yourself hydrated to beat the heat. You will find them in abundance at the campsite.

If you want to enjoy this safari without worrying about getting a heat stroke, opt for the evening or overnight desert safari. The temperature drops down considerably as the sun sets. Or you can plan your visit during the winters.

The Campsite Can Be Crowded

Many desert safari companies share the campsite. Therefore, expect it to be very crowded, particularly during weekends or peak tourism season. You may have to wait for your turn to enjoy some of the activities, such as camel riding, ATV quad biking etc.

However, if you have gotten a VIP/elite package that many companies offer, you may not have to wait for it. Also, you will be seated on separate tables ensuring complete privacy and exclusivity. This package is more expensive as compared to others.

Not All Activities Are Available in All the Packages

If you have embarked on this trip with the hopes of enjoying all the activities desert safari companies promote, you may get disappointed to find out that not activities are available in all the packages they offer. You will have to pay extra amount for them. The ones that are actually part of these deals have limited timing. For example, a round of camel ride lasts for a few minutes only. You need to upgrade your package to be able to enjoy these activities to the fullest. So, keeping some money with you may come in handy for you.

The Way You Dress Matters

The trip requires visitors to take part in numerous physical activities. So, the way you dress really matters. An uncomfortable dress will restrict your ability to enjoy this trip to the maximum. So, make sure to dress appropriately and wear minimum accessories.

Despite all these things discussed above, it’s safe to say that Dubai desert safari trip offers an experience that you are going to remember forever. So, book a trip when you next time visit Dubai and make lifelong memories.

Zaraki Kenpachi