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Map of the main tripod world

With the increase in capacity and the decrease in the number of video cameras, millions of people have become home videographers. Of course, anyone would want to get an “oh” and “ah” from their audience when sharing their video creation. Surprisingly for many people, one way to make better films is not even with video cameras or high quality filmmaking techniques. One of the most important things that can be done with a video camera to improve the quality of a film shot is to use a tripod. Of course, handmade shots are appropriate in some cases, but static shooting always looks “professional”. Camera tripods vary in price, from 15 to $ 1,000 for a professional type, so it usually fits any budget.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a video camera tripod


Obviously, a solid foundation is needed if the best travel tripod is to stabilize the video camera. Two-legged legs provide good stability. Each of these tripods has two columns. Tripod, assembled with nuts and bolts, tolerates wear better than wear. The real test of a tripod is to adjust it and make sure there is no pressure, compression, bending or falling.

Easy to install

If quick installation is important, look for lever locks against twisted locks on the foot.


With the help of tripods the camcorder not only stays stable but also the firing rate. Placing the bridge level on the tripod gives the user another tool to get the best photos. It is also recommended to have a tripod that allows you to adjust the height / length of each leg. This can be reassuring even when sitting in uneven areas. If too much open air filming is planned, sharp tripods should be considered for better stability in these conditions.


Because the use of a tripod is so important to a beautiful film, buyers want to make sure they don’t mind taking it anywhere. However, there should be no sacrifice for stability and strength. Find items made of titanium, carbon fiber, or similar lightweight materials that are really for a light but powerful tripod.

Soft movement

The camcorder tripod is not only a stable stationary shot, it can also provide a solid foundation, allowing you to do the perfect panning while doing it. The back of the ball on the tripod can provide the softest movement. Buyers should always use their head on the tripod before buying to ensure its smooth, stationary movement. For advanced filmmakers, the adjusted weight tripod can help balance the camcorder as the camera is attached to different lenses that can change the weight distribution. When choosing a video camera tripod, users need to decide which film to shoot and then identify the functions that are most important to them. If, for example, a shopper often shoots family football games, but never uses a phone or other glasses, a liquid-headed camera is more important than weight. As with any purchase, forethought can help buyers avoid paying for features they don’t use.

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