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How To Get More YouTube Traffic, Views, and Subscribers

As we all know from the past 2 years the number of content creators on all the social media apps have increased resulting in heavy competition. Becoming viral these days is not an easy task; there should be originality, creativity and quality in your content in order to fit in the algorithm.

It is very important to keep in mind that the content you post is really interesting or else people won’t like it. Be it, a vlog or an educational content or a dance and a music video. The content must be attractive, edit and plan it in such a way that the viewers don’t get enough of it.

Here are some best organic ways to increase your YouTube subscribers:

1. Produce original content:

The key to gain a good number of subscribers is to make original content. When you provide the viewers with that, they will look up to you more often and be genuinely interested. Many popular Youtubers also increase their youtube channel subscribers with the help of buy youtube subscribers [].

2. Increase engagement:

  • Make sure your videos are long. When you post longer videos the engagement with your video is high, hence it will boost your account making it more likely for YouTube to show your videos to appear on viewers’ recommended videos.
  • Respond to your comments. The comments on the video might bring both love and hate, make sure to respond to them in a polite way. Their feedback will also help you to improve your content.
  • Conduct giveaways and contests. By doing so, more people will get to know about it and will bring in new people.

3. Attract viewers:

Make creative thumbnails and edits. Click baits work most of the time to attract viewers but it is very important to make sure the clickbait is relevant to the video, if not it’ll have a negative impact on the viewers which might not be a good thing for the channel.

4. Experiment with new content:

Your present subscribers might get bored of your usual content and will definitely like something new. So they might even recommend it to their friends.

5. Post regularly:

Make your viewers binge on your content. Make some time in your schedule to post videos. Posting regularly will blow up viewers. Sometimes the subscribers may want new videos but wouldn’t be able to watch if there aren’t any and posting irregularly might make them want to unsubscribe.

6. Go with the trend:

Make popular content at the right time. This will help a lot because it will catch people’s eye and will make them want to check out your other videos too.

7. Camera presence:

Be more confident when you talk to the camera. Do not pretend to a fake slang. Record yourself while talking and watch it to see how confident you are while talking. Talk in front of the mirror and practice talking to not feel awkward while filming and to boost your confidence. Talk boldly and clearly so that the viewers understand what you’re saying.


8. Build community:

The best way to build community is by using other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Promote your channel and videos through these apps to bring in new people.

Zaraki Kenpachi