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Carry On Essentials For Air Travel: Short VS. Long Haul Flights

Wondering what to take on long-haul flights? Not sure which are the top essentials to be packed for the air travel?

Whether your flight journey is a short one or you’re boarding an ultra long-haul flight, carry-on luggage is the easiest to take along. One of the best ways to make long or short flight journeys easier is to pack the right travel essentials. Read on if you’re confused about what to take in hand luggage for a long haul flight or a short one.

What to Pack in a Flight Essentials Kit?

While most travelers know how to find cheap flights, not all are aware of what to pack in carry-ons for long-haul flights. The essentials for air travel differ with the duration of the flight. For instance, you will need to give more time and thought to airplane essentials for long flights as opposed to short haul flights. To make packing essentials for air travel more manageable, we’ve listed some of the important carry-on items to take along depending on the type of flight you’re set to board. These are important to keep in mind even when traveling on the last-minute flights.

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Short haul flight essentials

Most of the short flights are over before you even realize it. You can make it through a couple of hours on the plane by keeping yourself entertained with games, movies, or books. Or, you could just take a nap. Listed below is the flight essentials kit for short flights.

  • Book: A good book is among the best cheap travel essentials you can carry on board. Sadly, a flight journey is the only time most people get to catch up on their reading. Get to a discounted bookstore and pick up something for cheap. A Kindle, in this case, works pretty well.
  • Headphones: One of the most useful essentials for air travel, headphones will come in especially handy if your co-passenger is an intrusive ‘Chatty Cathy’.
  • Tablet: If you’re bored of listening to music or reading the book, you can whip out the tablet and play a game or two on it. Besides, a tablet is much easier to carry than a laptop.
  • Sleep mask: This is an excellent idea if you plan on napping through the flight. Plus, if it’s a day flight and there is no option to close the blinds, you won’t be bothered by the light filtering in through the windows.
  • Snacks: You will be surprised how many people get hungry even on short flights. Many airports will let you through with snacks. So pack these essentials for air travel and keep hunger pangs at bay.
  • Tissues: These are good not just for short flights but are excellent carry on essentials for overseas flights as well. It’s an incredibly handy item useful in case you have a runny nose or need to clean up after a snack.
  • Medicines: This is among the most important essentials for air travel especially if you have a tendency of suffering from headaches or nausea on flights. You must carry these on long-haul flights as well.
  • Hand Sanitizer: These are good carry on essentials for long flights as well. Like other places, airports and airplanes have a tendency to host germs. Keeping hands disinfected will minimize your chances of falling sick.

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Long haul flight essentials

Whether it is economy or business class flights, it can be challenging to get through the journey if the flight is a long haul one. It might seem like a difficult task for some travelers to pack everything they might need for the long flight journey. For long-haul flights, pack all of the essentials for air travel listed for short flights as well as the ones mentioned below.

  • Neck Pillow: Taking along a neck pillow is one of the best long haul flight tips ever. It’ll keep you from straining your neck when sleeping for a longer duration. Carry a blow-up neck pillow so it can be deflated later on and take up less space in your luggage.
  • Scarf: A scarf is among the most important essentials for air travel as it can come in handy in several ways. Apart from an accessory, you can use it as a blanket or an umbrella as well.
  • Set of Clothing: One of the best long-haul flights tips and tricks is to pack an extra pair of clothing in your carry on. If you’ve checked baggage and it arrives late, you won’t need to wait for it in your ‘flying’ clothes.
  • Socks: Sleeping on long-haul flights may get cold sometimes. A pair of fuzzy socks will keep your feet warm and help you sleep comfortably.
  • Chewing gum: You will usually be served meals on long-haul flights. Chewing gum after a meal will keep your breath fresh. Also, it’ll help with popping your ears as well!
  • Face Wipes: These are among the best essentials for air travel especially for corporate travelers on long-haul flights. If you have a meeting immediately upon arrival, face wipes will help you clean up quicker than a shower.
  • Pen: On international long-haul flights, attendants will generally bring you a set of immigration/custom papers to fill out. They don’t always hand out pens. So carrying one will make it easier for you to fill in the paperwork as well as save your time.

And there you have it! The most important carry on essentials for air travel for short and long-haul flights. So the next time you book flight tickets for a trip, prepare a checklist of the travel essentials you will need for the journey. It will save you time, energy, and the unnecessary discomfort of worrying about what essentials for air travel to pack. Do these and manage both long-haul and short-haul flights like a pro!

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