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Custom ATA Trade Show flight Case

Our company design and custom different style of flight case according to the market needs, currently we custom ATA trade show flight cases are very popular with our customers. The raw materials used are of industry standards and are not only talked about within the country however outside the country as well. Furthermore, these are tested under the supervision of our in-house experts so that the best is made available to our customers.

The most comprehensive selection of high-quality materials and options for your trade show flight case. The materials we use for a trade show case include: furniture-grade plywood, ABS laminated to plywood, Recessed steel hardware, Aluminum tongue-in-groove, Heavy-duty steel ball corners and Color: blue or custom color, etc..

Our flight cases are built to withstand the most demanding environments to protect your equipment no matter what.  The interior of ATA Cases are lined with carpet to ensure nothing gets scratched. Custom shaped pieces are foamed to give your records a snug fit making sure it stays in place. From the outside to the inside you will have the peace of mind that your equipment is in great shape. We guess your produce could be heavy, we added a spring-loaded handle to our case. The handle makes transporting your records a breeze. When you’re ready to stow everything away, just slide the handle down and it’s out of the way. The low-profile wheels give you the smoothest ride but also keep them small enough that they don’t get in the way while setting up or traveling with the case. Transporting all your records has never been this easy and safe.

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