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How to Choose the Right Material for Your Phone Case?

Smart mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. You must provide the device with all the required protection. A protective case is what you should purchase for your phone to protect it from any potential damages.

Even if your mobile phone fell down or got scratches against a wall, the protective phone case will safeguard it. In this article, we will provide information about how to select the ideal material for your phone case.

Things to Consider While Selecting Smart Mobile Phone Cases

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There are different models of mobile phone cases available in the market. These cases are made of numerous materials and can differ vastly in terms of many aspects. So, we have put together a list of things that makes it easy for you to pick the best phone case with the right material.

Right Model and Size:

It is crucial to select a phone case that is appropriate for the model of phone you possess. It will ensure that the case is of the right size for your mobile phone and fits it perfectly.


You should ensure that the case has gaps in the right place to ensure proper functionality. It should include holes for the charging pin, headphones or speakers, and other ports (if any). In case the holes do not match your phone model, it would not be an ideal fit.


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The material that the phone case is made of determines its durability, reliability, or its style. The phone cases come in a variety of materials. Some materials include silicon, fabric, different metals, wood, PU leather, genuine leather, and plastic of several kinds.


In general, the materials will determine the durability of the phone case. Due to that, it is vital to select a case that is durable enough to serve its purpose. In addition to that, it has to withstand constant use.

Ease of Installing:

Although not significant, you should consider how easily the case can be installed or uninstalled. You may also want to consider if the phone case would damage your expensive phone. Ideally, you will not want to use phone cases made of rough or abrasive materials.

Stylishness and Looks:

It is often a personal preference for most people. While some people wish to have a stylish phone case, others hope to retain one that serves specific purposes. So, looking at this aspect is also very important from the user’s perspective.

Once you purchase a phone case considering these aspects, you are likely to have one that lasts for a while. Also, you have to be specific that it serves the primary purpose of protecting your mobile phone. For more details about different types of phone cases, it is best to click here, where you can easily find various smartphone cases ideal for several models of mobile phones.

Materials of Smartphone Cases and Purposes

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We now look at the different materials and the types of purposes that they serve for the phone. They can serve as a guide and help you select the suitable material the phone case is made of. Here are some of the most common and popular phone case materials:

• Silicon Cases:

The silicon material is so far the most popular in the market for phone cases. There are many reasons people prefer the cases made of silicon: their affordability, variety of design, and durability. It provides the user with a smooth touch, easy to clean option, and is light in weight. These silicon cases offer primary protection, such as protection from dust, scratches, mechanical damage, moisture, and even scratches up to an extent.

• Fabric Cases:

Because of the design and the variety they offer, people obtain fabric cases. These phone cases are not usually durable and are sometimes the cheapest form of cases that you can purchase.

• Metal Cases:

It is always the costlier option among all phone cases available in the market. Although it protects the phone’s battery, you would need separate protection for your phone’s screen. It is always heavier in comparison to other cases.

• Wooden Cases:

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Phone cases that are made of wood are often very light in weight. They are easy to carry and are one of the most popular in the market. Eco-friendly cases such as these are easily damaged even with the smallest bump or fall. Extreme care should be taken while you use cases made with wood.

• PU or Genuine Leather Cases:

Often these types of phone cases are expensive and relatively difficult to find. They double up as a wallet or a card carrier too. You can even purchase these cases or have them custom-made for your needs. Retaining precious stones is an option that people choose with these cases. Although they do not provide comprehensive protection, they are still popular among mobile phone case enthusiasts.

• Plastic Cases:

Polycarbonate or polyurethane made of thermoplastic is also a popular option for the phone case material. Phone users with an expensive model also choose these plastic cases over other options.

It is because of their features: water-resistant, elastic, shockproof, and lightweight features. They are also amazingly affordable and found with relative ease almost in any part of the world.

• Combined Material Cases:

Some phone cases are a combination of different materials. The exact reason for this is to make them affordable and usable simultaneously. They ensure that maximum protection is provided for your phone when you choose to use them. Some of these phone cases are heavier, while others are lightweight.


You have to choose an ideal phone case depending on what purpose you want it to serve. We have provided a comprehensive guide on what you have to look for in a phone case. Based on these inputs, you can browse the market or go online to select the phone case of your choice. Making sure you choose the suitable phone case might be instrumental in determining how long your phone will last. So, you need to make a wise decision.

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