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How to Tell Real From Fake Tom Ford Sunglasses – 2024 Guide

Tom Ford is one of the best brands known for manufacturing high-quality and standard sunglasses. You can find tom ford glasses in various models that are ideal for men and women and unisex as well. However, because of their expensive price, duplicate and fake tom ford sunglasses are circulated in the marketplace.

There are many small-scale firms that produce fake tom ford sunglasses at a lower price than the original cost. But, some buyers think that they are purchasing original tom ford glasses at a discounted price. There are some signs you can look out for to tell real from fake tom ford sunglasses.

5 Ways To Detect Real From Fake Tom Ford Sunglasses

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If you are interested, you can view more models of tom ford sunglasses women styles and tom ford sunglasses men styles by checking out their website. Here are some signs you can depend on to tell real from fake tom ford sunglasses.

1. Lens

The brand name is etched into the upper corner of every tom ford sunglasses lens. When you look at the glasses from the outside, you can see the brand name in the right lens’ top corner. When you look through the glasses from the inside, you can see the brand name in the left lens’ upper corner. Fake glasses frequently attempt to imitate this, so check the spacing and font twice to confirm it follows the brand logo standards.

2. Logo inserts

Metal inserts are arranged at the upper tips of the temple arms of original tom ford sunglasses. The standard gold metal insert should be etched with Tom Ford’s name. Several fake sunglasses available on the open market will lack this feature. The logo inserts are relatively costly and time-consuming to replicate. Because of that, many fake glasses producers overlook this aspect.

However, examine the tips of the temple arms to see if they have this feature. In case any pair without the metal inserts should be considered a red flag.

3. Serial number

This element can be seen on the temple’s inner arm. Generally, the serial number is on the tip of the inside of the left arm. It is different from the color code, model number, and other information imprinted on the internal temple arm in the center of the piece. Even though the serial number is tiny and not often visible, it is carved on the frame rather than printed.

You can also feel the texture of the serial number by running your finger on the tip. Here is how the series will look: LP7893798. This same number should be printed on the factory plastic housings and attachments, like the tom ford sunglasses box. The sunglasses might be fake if the serial number on the internal tip is different from the manufacturer’s markings on the case.

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4. Nose Piece Logo

The logos of most high-end designers and even standard brands are imprinted on the nose pieces. When you wear your glasses, the nose pieces are tiny bits of plastic linked to your nose. In general, they are dynamic, which implies that they move around and alter to the size of your nose.

The logo will be imprinted on the plastic’s face or on the metal face within the plastic section. The Tom Ford “TF” emblem should be stamped on the nose piece. In addition to that, the stamp will reflect in the direct light, frequently reflecting gold.

5. Factory

Marcolin S.p.A, a subsidiary of the Marcolin Group, manufactures all Tom Ford eyeglasses in Italy. As a result, the Marcolin name should appear on any associated documents, such as the instructions. As fake products frequently remove this information, it is a simple strategy to filter out fake tom ford sunglasses.

Other Ways To Tell Tell Real From Fake Sunglasses

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Here are some most common ways you can rely on to detect real glasses from fake sunglasses.

• Inspect the packaging

Designer sunglasses are typically packaged in strong, branded boxes with sunglasses cases and other extras like cleaning cloths and authenticity cards. As fake glasses will come in cheap boxes, cases, or without any packing, the boxes are frequently an ultimate sign to tell which are fake and which are real glasses. Check the box to know if it is prepared from solid cardboard or paper and if it bears the correct brand mark.

• Designer sunglasses usually arrive in high-quality cases

Some high-end and branded sunglasses arrive in leather cases. Make sure to inspect the stitching and rub the leather to know if it is of good quality. In general, tom ford sunglasses arrive in a velvet case with the Tom Ford emblem stamped on it. It is better to feel the weight of the case as the original box will be thick, simple to open and close, and the hinges will not collapse or slide backward. You can often count on the case or box quality as the fake ones are usually made from low-quality substances.

• Check the retailer

The seller of the glasses is a good sign, which is particularly true when purchasing expensive sunglasses online. Even a vendor who sells fake spectacles on the internet can appear trustworthy. One rule of thumb is to avoid auction sites as there is no way to verify that the items sold there are genuine.

It is true that you can find branded sunglasses on many online sites and some of them can be fake as well. As a result, if you do not want to end up with a pair of fake glasses, it is better to purchase the sunglasses from the brand’s official website. In addition, you can also visit the store located in your neighborhood.

Bottom Line

While buying tom ford sunglasses, always check for: logo inserts on the external tips of the temple arms, a serial number on the internal tip that is the same as the number on the factory stickers, a lens logo, and the Tom Ford logo on the nose piece. When the glasses lack one or more of these characteristics, it is an automatic red flag that the pair of sunglasses are fake.

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