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How to Care for Your Vintage Sunglasses?

Have you taken the plunge and got yourself an incredible pair of vintage sunglasses? Great! Now is the time to protect your eyewear and give it the care it deserves for all the protection it provides you.

From protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays to making you look stylish in just the right way, sunglasses do a lot of work. Since sunglasses keep us away from trouble, it is necessary for us to take care of them. Vintage sunglasses are one of the expensive accessories, and knowing how to care for them can extend their lifespan for years. 

This is a quick guide to keeping your versace vintage sunglasses like new. Read further for the best ways to care for your vintage sunshades in just a few steps.

1-Rinse Your Eyewear 

Rinse your sunglasses in lukewarm water, and do not use any lotion or oil-based soap. The best way to rinse is to run them under the faucet, but make sure water isn’t too hot, and the water pressure is normal. 

2-Clean the Lens

When you thoroughly rinse off the dirt from the sunglasses, clean them with a little amount of dish soap. Apply dish soap to your fingertip, and then gently scrub all exterior and interior parts of the lens. Be sure to avoid any soap with lotion or oil in them since these are very harmful to the lens and can cause damage. 

Many sunglasses come with inset details, such as a raised logo or design patterns. In this case, use the tip of lint-free cloth and clean all the corners. 

3- Rinse Again 

After you wash the lenses gently, it is essential to rinse the glasses before drying. It is done to remove all the soap and avoid smearing the lenses. While you rinse, make sure you don’t use extra hot water and unnecessary water pressure. 


Now it is time to make your sunglasses dry. It can be done by using a lint-free and clean piece of cloth. Gently massage them dry and do not use towels with heavy textures because the textured fabric can ruin the lenses. 

Tips to Keep Your Sunglasses New 

  • Don’t leave sunglasses loose in a bag 
  • Avoid leaving them in hot places like a car dashboard
  • Don’t rest your eyewear on your head 
  • Avoid wiping the lenses when they are dry, as it can make the lenses scratchy
  • Always keep your shades away from window cleaning soaps, spit, bleach or vinegar

To Tie it All Up 

Vintage sunglasses are recognized as fashion icons, and they are here to stay in upcoming fashion trends as well. Sunglasses are very delicate accessories, and sometimes even after taking care of them gently, we can ruin the lenses or break the frame. However, there is nothing to worry about. 

All the steps described in this blog are here to help you and keep you from all the trouble. So if you follow all our advices, your vintage shades are definitely set to last a lifetime. 

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Zaraki Kenpachi