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Tips for Dealing With Hay Fever

Summer is one of the best times of the year. Thanks to the good weather, you really get to make the most out of your free time. As well as this, it also provides more time to spend with friends and family, while making great memories. When the summer months roll around, it’s important that you try and do unique things and have a good time.

However, this can be difficult for some people. If you suffer from the likes of hay fever, or similar allergies, then there’s a good chance you may dread the summertime. It’s the time of the year where you’re going to suffer the most with your allergies. Depending on the extent of your allergies, it could completely deter you from going outside or making the most out of the summer. This is bound to be very frustrating for anyone who deals with this. Although there is no direct cure for hay fever, there are some ways that you can improve your situation. If you’d like to give some of these methods a try, consider the following points.


Taking fexofenadine tablets could make a massive difference to the symptoms of your hay fever. It targets symptoms such as sneezing, runny eyes and nose, itching, and other hay fever symptoms. Fexofenadine can massively reduce the suffering you endure whilst you’re exposed to pollen. You can purchase these tablets at Chemist Click. This potentially could be an investment that makes a positive impact on your enjoyment of the summer.

Shower After Being Outside

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You don’t want to have to avoid going outside altogether during the summer. However, sometimes people don’t actually feel the symptoms of their hay fever until after they come back inside. Why is this? A lot of the time, people will pick up pollen on their clothes and their skin. You might not actually inhale and react to the pollen until later on in the day. This is why it’s a really good idea for people to shower and change their clothes after they’ve been outside. This is will mean that any pollen that you’ve potentially picked up isn’t going to be near you. This also limits the lasting effects of hay fever into the evening.

Wear Sunglasses Outside

Another tip that could really reduce the severity of your symptoms is wearing sunglasses outside. Even if it’s not a particularly sunny, this can make a massive difference to your comfort on a summer’s day. Wearing sunglasses is going to prevent a lot of the pollen from getting into your eyes. This means you are less likely to experience symptoms such as watery eyes, as well as swelling. This is a really easy tip to implement, and you should make sure to bring your sunglasses with you whenever you are leaving the house. If you’re looking for sunglasses that could be of benefit to your hay fever.

Check Pollen Counts

Thanks to modern day weather forecasting, there is a lot that people can predict about upcoming conditions. One of these is how much pollen is going to be in the air on a particular day. This is definitely something that people suffering with hay fever should use to their advantage. Of course, you’re not going to be able to change the amount of pollen in the air. However, you could plan your day out better to avoid high pollen counts. See when the pollen counts are at their highest. These are going to be the days when you’ll want to limit your outdoor activities. Although the pollen counts might not vary significantly, it could still make a considerable difference. Read more about pollen counts to familiarise yourself better.

Keep Windows Closed

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Even when you’re not outside, there’s still a chance that you could be affected by hay fever. If you are leaving windows and doors open, then you risk letting pollen into your home. This can then stay inside your house for long periods of time. Which in turn, can then result in you experiencing hay fever symptoms. Even on a hot day, it is a good idea to keep your windows closed. Or at least if you are opening them, be sure to close them frequently and don’t leave them open for long periods of time.

Vaseline Around Your Nose

As well as sunglasses keeping pollen out of your eyes, there’s a way to prevent it from entering your nose. If you get some Vaseline or something similar and smear it around your nostrils, this could be really beneficial. What this does is catch the pollen before you actually inhale it through your nose. This is going to stop an allergic reaction from occurring and reduce your symptoms. Make sure that you are reapplying it frequently if you’re going to be spending long periods of time outdoors.

Avoid Grass and Wildlife

Grassy areas and other wildlife settings are best to be avoided for those who suffer from hay fever. More urban areas are definitely more suitable with people with such allergies. As well as these areas, going to beaches and rivers with no grass or wildlife could also be a pleasant experience for hay fever sufferers. You’re also going to want to specifically avoid the likes of freshly cut grass or hedges. There’s a good chance that the pollen that was previously resting is now circulating around more than usual.

Avoid Smoking

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If you are someone who smokes cigarettes, then smoking while dealing with hay fever symptoms is definitely a bad idea. This is going to make your suffering feel significantly worse. As well as this, it’s going to take you a longer time to recover from your allergies if you smoke regularly. If you are wanting to have a cigarette on a summer’s day, try to do so without being exposed to too much pollen. If you want to learn more about smoking and its effects on hay fever, click here.

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