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Safe Ways to Pack Your Luxurious Product in Custom Boxes

Items harmed while shipment must not be encountered by anyone. But how could packaging senders ensure this would not occur? Continue reading to figure out a little more about these packaging boxes in this blog by Fast Custom Boxes.

Importance of Packaging

Packing boxes are among the most vital aspects to communicate straightforwardly with your purchaser. For example, a cleverly designed, customized unwrapping engagement might make a good impact upon who opens the package. Same as, throughout shipment to the user’s house, effective Custom Boxes Wholesale hold your item secure by protecting your goods from jumping outside or collapsing while transport.

Filling items properly assist you end up saving cash by guaranteeing, you would not require transport a replacing of good if the real one would get damage. It also maintains the integrity of your company intact, as it prohibits your clients from getting faulty goods or things that are ‘dead upon delivery’

Safety Materials Are Used For Packing Boxes

We could use several unique packing materials while wrapping any items for shipment. Moreover, you could also get them inbuilt with your custom packages by us. This section outlines a few of the popular products you could include, but please remember that there are a lot of other categories as well that could also be used for effective packaging.

Exterior packing:

  • Polyethylene bags (excellent for lightweight goods)
  • Packing tube
  • Tiny single layer package (good for narrower items)
  • Big dual / tri-layer package (for bigger and bulky goods)
  • And Much More.


Filling & Padding Items:

  • Packing soft paper
  • Packaging peanuts
  • Carton covers
  • Dipped paper
  • Incorporates Styrofoam
  • Bubble-wrapping
  • And much more.


Wrapping Tape:

  • Brown carton packaging tapes (polypropylene tapes)
  • Electrostatic tape (vinyl tapes)
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic tapes.

The category of packaging materials people are using relies on the nature of the item, they are delivering, and its specifications. Below are several strategies of keeping your items secure, and the buyers grateful:


Pack Your product effectively in Custom Boxes Wholesale

Usually, these main steps are performed to pack products safely in custom packages.

  1. Select The Most Appropriate Packaging Material: 

Transportation Hazards

Reprocessed boxes might quickly be broken while shipment. Products pass through several grips on their way to the door of their buyers — from the firm where these products are packed, loading persons, custom officers, and ultimately the final user. These are just some names of those people interact with the packages while their transportation.

With this thing in view, outdated packages or containers that may not provide the durability for the particular goods you’re delivering. As they could affect your product’s quality and the quality of the product is everything for your business to grow.

In certain areas of their route, these packaging boxes can also brush with similar bundles or containers, causing friction that might harm the packing boxes or their components. All of that pressure and deformation shows that there is some extra space, which is leaving by your packages. This thing could fracture if your equipment if your product is not durable.

Solutions by Custom packages

  • Custom Boxes Wholesale are a single solution to all these problems.
  • These packages are offered in a wide range of different materials.
  • So users could select them according to the type of category of products (light, heavy, delicate).
  • Moreover, custom packages are crafted accurately size so they don’t leave even a little space among them, while placed together.
  • This thing causes the least motion between them which minimizes the factor of friction during shipment.
  1. Place All The Items Distinctly.

If one package includes several different objects, note that throughout transport, they may travel around & smash into one another. Wrapping as well as padding the objects individually guarantee you that the objects don’t move too much, even if they do, it won’t cause harm.

Things that may be damaged by pollution, dust, or damp weather must be put in these packing boxes include with an internal plastic bag.

  1. Avoid Overstuff Packaging

With inadequate filler content in your boxes, your goods jump within the packaging and get broken all along the route. Overfilled packages, however, could collapse while shipment.

Custom boxes provide sufficient insulation and padding content to your packed product so that the item does not shift in the container while transfer, and provides sufficient shock absorption to withstand any bounces that the box can get during shipment.

While inserting cushioning & padding items to your packaging boxes, make sure that the packaging has appropriate space to cover the object shipped. Using minimum padding 5 cm. Padded sources involve:

  • Cardboard and rubber inserts
  • Bubble-wrapping
  • Air-bag

The remainder of the package can be stuffed with packaging peanuts or Styrofoam peanuts.

  1. Box-In-Box Custom Packaging

This box-in-box style of Custom Boxes Wholesaleoffers more security to your product. These packaging boxes consist of a small luxurious box pack inside a big durable box, filled with packaging peanuts or Styrofoam. These packages are very useful for delicate and expensive goods.

Besides providing extra security, it can also support your product, if the internal box is a significant component of your marketing process and should deliver unharmed. Also for hiding the advertised packages in a normal-looking external box decreases the risk of robbery as criminals find it difficult to estimate how precious your packaging is.


Safe delivery is a significant factor that determines the monthly profit of your business. As your successful shipment or redelivery after breakage both depend on the quality of the packaging box. That’s why it’s an important feature of custom boxes. At Fast Custom Boxes, you could get all the above-discussed safety gadgets and designs to add in your shipment boxes. As these packages are made up of the best quality cardboard, boost their safety factor if used with the discussed protection strategies in this blog.

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