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Cardboard Quality Checking Methods Any 4

cardboard-quality-checking-methods-any-4Custom box providers are offering corrugated boxes, custom cardboard boxes with custom printing and designing. You can also design your own custom box with all customization and get it delivered at your doorstep without any hassle. We understand that packaging plays an important role in the series of all product saving and wrapping. Definitely, we all believe and know this fact very well. It is said that cardboard is the top material in the packaging industry that makes up over 30% all alone. The main remain behind the popularity of cardboard is its feature and versatility.

We know cardboard is durable, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly, and versatile enough for all sizes, styles, and designs. But still, apart from knowing this factor we somehow forget to check the basic things which we need to check must before wrapping our item.

To continue this, as by the name of the title you guys are quite aware that my today’s article is all about the cardboard boxes in which I try to highlight the four basic methods and ways through which you can check that whether the box is reliable enough or not?

Instead of dragging this more, quickly dive into the process and counter this cardboard quality checking methods myth together.

1- Weight Measurement:

The first thing is the weight consideration. Like you have seen that the web is full of the experiment through which you can easily check the quality of your boxes. But when it comes to the custom cardboard boxes, so the main thing which I recommend you guys to check and assure yourself before wrapping or packing any item inside the box is the weight.

Make sure that you are not adding the weight more than the scale threshold especially when you are packing your product for a long shipping duration. For this, it is essential to check the weight of products and box separately and the after putting product inbox and measure again.

After that, perform a Carton drop test to check the durability and reliability of the packing. This test will help in knowing that whether a box can protect and hold the product during shipping or not. If carton damages or imbalances, you need to change the box keeping in mind the weight.

2- Elasticity and Sustainability:

The next important method or way to check the cardboard packaging is sustainability and elasticity. There are also tons of easy-to-do methods that you can do by yourself and check the box sustainability.

But make sure that the box is enough to maintain its elasticity level and sustainability after using it one time. Do water resistance, glue resistance test to check the weather effects on the box. It will good for shipping purposes as well.

This is important because it’s a common thing that fresh boxes give you enough level of sustainability but when it comes to reusable packing so there are limited packaging that gives you the same result.

3- Thickness Level:

The third important factor is to measure and check the thickness level. The thick layer of the box is important why? Because, it helps to protect your fragile items from any kind of harsh and breaking issues including the sun, dust, and dirt.

So make sure that your cardboard box is enough to provide your items a thick layer for the sake of additional support and safety. Box Compressive test is used for this purpose. It will help in checking the strength of the package. This test is also a requirement of many transporting agencies.

In case, if you are an online buyer and not sure that from where you can order the online cardboard packaging for your item wrapping then I highly recommend you guys to consider the Cardboard packaging UK.

4- The Burst/ Pressure Test:

The last but not the least one is the burst test which is also known as the pressure test. So make sure before finalizing your box or packaging you have checked and tested the pressure test.

Doing this test is not a big hurdle with the help of a web tool you can easily get an idea or know the method that how can you check the pressure or burst level of your box before packing your item inside it.

Isn’t it great? Indeed, it is.

So the mentioned above are the main checking methods points which you have to check before packing your item. What else you need to know despite these methods?

5- Availability of Quality Checked Boxes

Boxes are also available at wholesale rates. So like if you order it online or even consider buying this box from any mart or shop you can get these boxes at wholesale rates without any issues. There is some company who provide quality custom boxes and wholesale boxes.

They also do quality check for their clients. So if you want to get quality check done by professional, then you must consult with professional packaging supplier. They will provide you the right size custom box with quality assurance.

Final Words:

I hope after reading the mentioned above points you guys are clear that how can you check your cardboard box’s validity, sustainability, thickness, and durability.

Despite this, you feel this is not enough or you need to know more about the cardboard packing or anything else related to Cardboard boxes wholesale UK then feel free to reach out to me down in the mentioned below comment section box.

I would for sure love to trigger your queries and try my best to counter your questions and confusions along with some relevant suggestions, recommendations, and research-based answers.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the box and start testing it by yourself instead of relying on others.

Zaraki Kenpachi