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Types of Mailboxes That Are Different

Custom Mailer Boxes is the best way to advertise your product and services. These exclusive looking custom mailer boxes come in all colors of your desire but not the all-natural brown. You can match the color theme of your brand to the layout of your custom mailer boxes to further extend your branding identity beyond physical borders. A custom-made box with a beautiful design, logo or text is a beautiful advertisement. It makes a lasting impact on potential customers that come across it during mailing or delivery.


But not all boxes look good when filled with your stuff. Boxes that are not well designed or well manufactured could spoil the outlook of your precious commodity. To preserve the quality of your products and to maintain its freshness you need to have boxes that will last long. USA based wholesale dealers can offer custom mailer boxes that come in various sizes and shapes. The foam inserts can help maintain its shape while packing your precious goods.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Using custom mailer boxes that come with foam inserts can help preserve the aesthetic appeal of the cardboard box. There are also custom printed mailers with a cardboard insert and some foam inserted to give your box a 3D effect, more appealing to customers and clients. These custom printed mailers could be a real giveaway to anyone who sees it tucked into their mailbox. A cardboard box with an artistic design printed on it could be a conversation piece amongst your friends or coworkers.

Custom Made Boxes

USA based companies also offer custom made boxes with raised ink technology to create striking images or designs on the box. This exciting development of printing technology allows printing of any image or artwork of your choosing on your custom printed mailer or packaging boxes. Some companies have even used laser technology to print these images on the boxes. This is another way of making your product stand out and look more attractive.

Custom Mailer Boxes

If you are looking for some fun and fancy looking custom mailer boxes, a great place to search for them is online. You may want to visit different websites that specialize in custom designed boxes so you can see a variety of styles and designs available in today’s market. If you have an idea of what you are looking for but are still unsure about what you would like, there are different kinds of options available at these sites. You could browse through the pictures of the boxes and select those that best meet your specifications. If you have any special requirements or requests, there is always someone who can help you out.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Features and Benefits

When you are considering the features and benefits of self-locking mailer boxes, the type you purchase is crucial. The mailers that are opened often are often stacked one atop the other, with the locking mechanism of each unit preventing others from being opened. In most cases, the company which produces the mailers will include the locking mechanisms within the box that you choose. It’s important to check this before making a purchase because many mailers available have a limited number of self-locking features. So if you are looking for self-locking mailer boxes, it’s important to make sure the ones you select have this feature included. Otherwise, you may end up having to buy more boxes in order to secure your valued possessions.


There are other considerations to keep in mind when purchasing self-locking mailer boxes and they include the character Counter, dimensions of the box and its overall appearance. If you would like something that looks more decorative and impressive than functional, you might consider choosing a larger size and customized designs of the custom mailer boxes. Self-locking boxes generally come in standard sizes and some companies allow for you to add a logo or other design to the box so that it matches your personal preferences. However, there is not typically an option to add a custom design.


So in summary, the main differences between the different types of mailer boxes include the way they lock, how secure they are and the overall aesthetic appeal. When purchasing custom mailer boxes, it’s important to keep all these factors in mind because they will affect your decision. If you live in an apartment building and you want a mail box with a decorative look, you should purchase a Kraft mailer boxes. If you have a large family with many possessions, the best option for you is a cardboard mailbox since you will be securing your mail in a box that you can protect against natural disasters and thieves. No matter what your needs may be, you can find a special box that will suit your needs and personal preferences.


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