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Guide for a Business Phone Number

Are you a businessman who is still stuck with the old traditional phone lines? Traditional Phone systems are just bulky hardware that is of no use when some bad weather condition occurs. One cannot stop working when there is climate change, right? The work must go on and that is why one should consider the option of the virtual phone system. A business phone number provides you the luxury of working anywhere in the world. You need not need to spend hours waiting at your desk for that one important call or message. Any call from the client is directed to your registered virtual mobile number or voicemails. The constraint of a physical office is completely removed and hence, the productivity of your employees will gradually increase.

What is its use?

You can make outbound calls even from your existing number even if a virtual number is not attached to your phone.

It shows your virtual number on the caller ID. This gives you the freedom to talk using any device without being dependent on a single phone or laptop for your communication. With the help of a virtual phone number, you can roué a number as the show is as a local one. This ensures your client that you are one amongst them.

The experience of a caller to dial the business phone number is the same as the regular one. The only difference is that, once you dial a virtual number, it gets routes to all your connected devices immediately. The user can pick the call from any of the devices and it will be answered.

The business phone number also enables the feature of text- messaging.

The number creates a perception of normal text messaging to your customer so that it feels extremely natural to him, although it is augmented. Can you not only send and receive text messages, but also organize them.

Clients appreciate a caller system that is organized and where they can reach the right person in the company just by pressing a button. Features like Call Menu or auto-attendant helps to create such a proper communication network. When you leave a regular number, you can still port it out of the cell phone and transfer it to another carrier. This also applies to virtual numbers. You can transfer the number to any desired device. However, the number won’t be called a virtual after that because then it will not be hosted by a virtual phone service.

What’s its cost?

In case, you want to purchase a virtual phone number, you can buy a package that includes a virtual phone number along with some extensions. For this, you can compare the prices of the packages to ring central vs MightyCall. The system plan could cost you around $10 to $12 a month. This is applicable for two virtual numbers giving you a time of 300 to 500 minutes. If you want to go up to $25 and $50, the minutes for two virtual numbers will get increased. The minutes will go high up to 2,000 to 3,000.

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