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Business VoIP Solutions

VoIPBusiness Professional delivers a corporate-class, virtual IP PBX business phone system to UK businesses on a reliable network infrastructure that ensures crystal clear, uninterrupted calling and huge savings on telephony costs. For employees on the move, it offers secure access and communications between office locations that are completely free of charge.

Cloud adoption for business

The corporate cloud and mobile devices are cental to today’s working practices, offering businesses not only cost savings but allows employees, through multiple devices, access to apps and to use their smartphones for work purposes as well as personal use.

Increase company productivity with VoIP

VoIPBusiness Professional functionality offers companies advanced features and sophisticated reporting while at the same time reducing the cost of calling. More importantly, VoIP helps increase productivity within the workforce to enable value creation and innovation.

VoIP Quality of Service

In almost all cases, VoIPBusiness UK’s call quality cannot be distinguished from a standard PSTN phone service, depending on whether or not you have sufficient bandwidth. Although our call routes are among the best in the world, it is vitally important you optimise your network to make the very best of our VoIP technology.

Connect your employees in the cloud

VoIP allows companies to better connect their employees, with personal smartphones used to bring about collaboration and innovation in a secure and scalable environment, with international mobile calling made at a fraction of the cost of using traditional phone systems.

The changing culture of business practices

With personal smartphones and tablets used for business purposes set to double, employees, are more than ever using their own devices to conduct business communications. This trend has seen companies replace their legacy systems by migrating to the cloud.

Sufficient bandwidth for high-quality VoIP

To assure high voice quality when using VoIP, you need to have adequate bandwidth and make sure there is no network congestion. The routers VoIPBusiness UK recommend are D-Link, Linksys and Netgear as they all work well with VoIP and require minimal configuration.

Improving on voice quality

If you experience network degradation for any reason, you need to test your internet connection and the devices you use to connect to it. Areas that may need improvement are your Wi-Fi signal and making sure large downloads are not made during working hours if on the same network.

Sick of dealing with big telcos and physical phone systems

​​VoIPBusiness replaces your phone lines, your physical phone system (including handsets) and your large unfriendly telco provider with their cloud-based phone system and awesome support team.

Your staff connect to the internet on their PC and or mobile phone and run an app that lets them receive and make calls for your business – a Voice Over IP (VOIP) solution.

You control and manage your cloud-hosted phone system’s functionality via a web portal and through VoIP for Business UK-based support team.

Phone system functions include menu-based incoming call routing, internal extension transfers, conference calling, voicemail control, hours of operation management, and more.

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