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Top 7 Hacks to Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling

No one might have ever tried to call it out, but carrying money during travels is annoying many times. When going to places new to you, and spending money while being out among people you do not know can be concerning for some. People lose their cash all the time by forgetting their luggage in many unfortunate instances. If you are one of those people who is always worried about the money they carry, then we have got your back. We are bringing you the Top 7 Hacks to Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling. Give these hacks a read and know the different ways with which you can keep yourself from losing your money during travels.

1. Anti-Theft Bags

Technology always has something to offer to us, and when it comes down to the security of our belongings, anti-theft bags are there to save the day. Anti-theft bags come with smart locks that hide the zipper of the bag, making it almost impossible for anyone else to open the bag without the lock code. These bags can be attached to a bike where it again cannot be removed without the lock-code. Anti-theft bags are made of materials of high quality that cannot be cut even with a knife. So, if you are carrying some cash in your bag, then you can be assured of its safety. For situations like rains or water splashes, many bags also come with water-repellent fabric that keeps your belonging from getting drenched with minor splashes.   

2. Luggage Security Devices

There are smart trackers that you can find on almost every e-commerce website that can tell you about lost luggage. People often lose their luggage in hotels or on airports with their money in it, and if GPS trackers are used on these bags, one can always track the location of their bags. They come with smartphone apps which can track down the location of the tracker and help the owners find their luggage. Some smart devices also come with alarms that can buzz loudly if the backpack is misplaced among luggage of various other passengers.

3. Carry Less Cash

Cash is not easy to handle, and the wiser option is to use mobile wallets, cards and other safer options for payments. With the help of bank cards, you can always get cash with ATMs being available almost everywhere. Cards make transactions secure, and you will never fall short of money. You will no longer need to carry wallets filled with cash, and as many cards come with shopping rewards and discounts, it will only be profitable to you.

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4. Use Authenticated ATMs

Bank cards are secure but not completely. Make sure not to fall for any frauds related to your credit and debit cards. Use ATMs of authenticated banks only, and never visit shady places where they have cash machines. When shopping and putting your codes in machines, keep an eye on your card that you give to the merchant and also make sure to keep your pin secure. You can use mobile apps to scan and pay securely, which makes the process of transaction quick and hassle-free.   

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5. Avoid Keeping All Your Cash in One Wallet

For worst-case scenarios, avoid keeping all the cash in one wallet or pocket. Keep some stashes of the money in different pockets and bags, so that if you lose your wallet, you have something to keep you going during the emergencies. It is also obviously going to help you when visiting in full public vehicles, where pickpocketing is common as you will not lose all your money if you fall as their victim.  

6. Use Money Clips to Make Your Wallets Safer

You lose your wallet not only by falling prey to pickpockets but by your mistakes too. Cash can slip through wallets anytime, and this is where you can be smart and start using money clips to keep them from falling. Geldklammer is one such product that makes your wallets much safer to use so that you do not lose your money. They keep the money intact in your wallets and avoid it from slipping. The handy little accessories like that of Geldklammer [English Version] are small in size and do not cost much and can be bought online from almost every e-store.

7. Stay Low-Key

Do not be too flashy when traveling to new places. You never know the kind of people and the environment in that region, so it is better to stay low-key. The problem with going all geared up with your accessories in public is that you will catch the attention of even the people you do not want to. You can have fun during your travels even without carrying the expensive gear in public. It is always better to dress up like locals and enjoy your trip like natives there.

These are some of the most useful tips that you can use to keep the safety of your money covered. We suggest that you keep these tips as a checklist if you are a frequent traveler and you will never have to worry about the money you carry with you.

Zaraki Kenpachi