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5 Benefits of Using a Money Clip Instead of a Wallet

Every single one of us has some piece of jewelry, some addon or accessory they are fond of, that has some higher meaning, or the one that’s just so useful that we simply must have. On the other hand, some accessories just make our lives easier, and among all of them, wallets emerge as something that everyone has. Having a wallet is just convenient, as it is a perfect accessory where you can place all of the important things like money, documents, plastic cards, visit cards, and even a picture of our loved ones, but just like the world changes, so have our habits. Namely, the sole purpose of wallets was to make carrying valuables more convenient, secure, and easy to get a hold of when we need them, but today, they mean so much more to us.

The role of wallets is much bigger

All the things mentioned above are just some of the basic things people usually have in their wallets, and since there are more and more things we need to carry, with time, these wallets have become larger and larger so that we have enough room to fit all those things. Now, this is where things get interesting, as we live in a digital age, where most of the things we do are based online, and most of the info or any other data we seek, we can easily access via phones or tablets, but even so, we still carry much more things with us than at any other point before. All of this says a lot about the modern way of living, but luckily we also live in an age where it seems that there are solutions and new gadgets for every possible problem.

Money clips as the next best thing

We live in a fast-paced world, and having to carry so many things with us at all times can sometimes be troublesome. Among all other things, accessories have also changed with time, which is why today, instead of wallets, more and more people are starting to use and carry money clips. As for the reasons why, there are plenty of them, but somehow money clips also bring us to the origins of wallets because their sole purpose has for many years been precisely that-a place to store money and have it with you at all times. And as for what makes money clips so great and prevailing over wallets, let’s focus on some of the most important benefits of using a money clip instead of a wallet.

They are slick

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One of the biggest perks of living in this modern world is surely the variety of options, regardless of what we are talking about, and the same is with wallets. But, even though there are so many manufacturers and wallet lovers across the globe, we can all agree that these modern wallets, even though they come in many styles and sizes, are simply not that practical today, at least not as practical as money clips. The name says it all, and you precisely know what to expect from the money clip. It is an accessory to hold money that you can easily put in your pocket. Yes, this is all that matters today, as wallets have become so bulky and besides that, just ask yourself how many times your wallet simply didn’t fit into the pocket of your jeans? With money clips, it’s all a thing of the past, as they fit into all the pockets, and even if someone wants to carry a vest, they can place a money clip in it, and no one will notice it.

You can order a customized one

When someone mentions money clips, most of us instantly think about tiny metal things filled with money, but in reality, this is just one of many options. The first thing to clarify here is about the design, as everything about money clips can be custom-made. That means how you can pick a design that you are fond of, go with a color of your preference, and even choose something to be engraved on it, and in a matter of days, one will be delivered to you. It’s simple as that, and as for material from which money clips are made, this might surprise you, but metal ones are not the most popular nor the best, as the lead role goes to carbon fiber money clips.

Grant more safety

Now, there are many reasons why money clips reduce the chance of getting pickpocketed, and the first among many is definitely that in most cases, no one will know you have a money clip on you. As already mentioned, they are difficult to spot as they are not bulky, but besides that, for a pickpocketer to actually steal money from you, they would have to have a really light hand, as otherwise, you will simply have to notice it.

Easier to use

Well, this is an obvious one, as handling all the things or having difficulty finding something in your wallet is surely something you have experienced before. With money clips, this simply cannot happen, as cash is right there in the pocket where you placed it, and everything else, well, if you didn’t bring it with you, the chances are high that you will not need it. Now, we don’t mean how money is all one might need, but many people, especially businessman, prefer having an accessory for their cash that they easily get a hold of and use when needed, and that’s precisely where money clips step in as a solution to this problem.

Knowing how much money you have at all times

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Probably the best thing about money clips is that when using them, we know exactly how much money we have on us at every given moment. Now, the best way not to get confused is to learn how to organize the cash, as it’s not just about placing all the bills into it, and it is more about placing the notes in some order. There are no rules here, and it’s more about finding the right note when in a hurry. As for how that order should look well, it’s up to your convenience, but most people prefer to fold larger bills over the small ones as it speeds up the usual daily-minute purchases like paying for coffee.

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